They are cloned: 14 western stars, in which we learned our own!

It is rumored that each of us can find his exact copy on the planet - a double. And some, if lucky, even two or three.

But the famous people do not have to do anything for this, because, as in the starry sky, they seem to be just cloned, and then scatter the same stars on different continents!

Otherwise, why do we always find out in our Western celebrities our relatives?

1. Sarah-Jessica Parker and Julia Kovalchuk

Whatever you say, these two can definitely substitute each other on the screen or stage, and only the most attentive will notice the substitution!

2. Johnny Depp and Dima Bilan

Who would have thought that a stylish beard would make a sweet-haired singer so similar to the withering sex symbol of Hollywood? And maybe it's not so, and this Johnny Depp took himself in hand and found a worthy role model?

3. Tim Roth and Roman Abramovich

And you thought, why the British actor was entrusted to play the role of Russian oligarch in the film "Mobius"?

4. Amanda Seyfried and Ekaterina Vilkova

Two talented actresses have the same type, many similar features, hair color and, besides, they are of the same age. In a word, this is the case when no one will notice the substitution "in the workplace" at all, and even find no differences!

5. Matt Damon and Garik Kharlamov

Today, the resemblance of the resident Comedy Club with the famous actor does not see unless the blind, and even more - fans believe that Garik is like an Oscar-winning Damon, like two drops of water and can easily duplicate it in the frame. True, if both do not plan to lose weight ...

6. Colin Farrell and Peter Fedorov

Now we understand that the joke about cloning does not seem to be a joke! Maybe they are brothers?

7. Meryl Streep and Larisa Udovichenko

People's actress Larisa Udovichenko probably heard more than once in her address, which is very similar to her famous colleague from Hollywood. But in addition to similar external data, these actresses have many common features - they are both strong-willed, do not fear difficulties and easily agree to an interesting secondary role, forgetting about ranks and status!

8. Vincent Kassel and Konstantin Kryukov

Someone thinks that the similarity of these actors is "drawn by the ears", and is only visible at a certain angle, but you will agree - they are exactly united by some special charm, magnetism and charisma!

9. Mila Jovovich and Lada Dance

Do you know what? If Mila and Lada had a common stylist, you would not have distinguished them at all!

10. Al Pacino and Veniamin Smekhov

Just pinch us, and why did not we notice this before?

11. Macaulay Culkin and Vladimir Putin

It seems that now we know how the star of your favorite New Year comedy will look in three decades!

12. Penelope Cruz and Tina Kandelaki

It seems that our journalist and TV presenter has literally set the course for the maximum achievement of similarity with the Spanish film actress, and through a couple of plastic operations they will no longer be distinguished!

13. Leonardo DiCaprio and Roman Burtsev

Two years ago, social networks presented us with another sensation - the users noticed that an ordinary guy from Podolsk who works in the technical support service of the rescue service is very similar to Leonardo DiCaprio, and immediately appointed him the main double of a celebrity! And if at first Roman Burtsev's new status brought only excessive attention and even inconvenience, today he practically "got used to the role" - began to receive commercial offers, regularly visits television and even starred in reality shows!

14. Daniel Radcliffe and Nikolay Sechin

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That's for sure - the same stars were scattered across different continents! In fact, the exact copy of Daniel Radcliffe's name is Nikolay Sele, he lives in Krasnoyarsk and has nothing to do with stars and celebrities. Although no ... Since when the guy started wearing glasses, nobody doubts anymore, he drank a potion prepared by Harry Potter himself, and became so like him! Today, the popularity of Nicholas went far beyond the scope of the city - already hundreds of girls of the country dream of a common self, and its "lichka" is full of messages!