The girl's conception calendar

Quite a lot of married couples want to give birth to a girl. To do this, they resort to various tricks: use the girl's conception calendar, the physiological method, etc. However, they are not all equally effective. Over the years, many methods of planning the sex of the future baby have been formed. Consider the most popular methods for conceiving a girl.

What do you need to know to conceive a girl "scientifically"?

Before calculating the conception of a girl, you need to know the following physiological characteristics. The sex of the future baby depends directly on the man. It is from the spermatozoon that the female egg gets the second X chromosome that determines the female sex. As a rule, in sperm such spermatozoa are less than those that have the Y-chromosome. In addition, the speed of those that carry the X chromosome lower, but they live longer. Therefore, to conceive a girl, it is necessary that the X chromosome merge with the egg , which is provided by the following methods:

Also, it is necessary that sexual intercourse occurs a few days before the onset of ovulation. In this case, spermatozoa with the Y-chromosome will die during this time, and with X - will participate in fertilization.

How to conceive a girl using the calendar?

There are several variants of the conception calendars, using which you can expect the appearance of a girl. The most common calendars to date are Japanese and Chinese.

When calculating using the Chinese method , special tables are used that take into account the date of birth of the future mother.

When using the Japanese method , birthdays are used, both for the mother and the father of the baby. The difference from Chinese is that the family number is first set, which is then used to establish the sex of the second table.

The use of this kind of female calendar for the conception of a girl is an ineffective method. However, in some cases, women responded positively to these methods of establishing the sex of the infant.

How does nutrition affect the sex of the unborn child?

Over the long years of observation, it was found that the diet of a woman also affects the sex of the baby's future. Therefore, a special diet for the conception of a girl was compiled.

So, approximately 3 months before the proposed conception, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar consumed, as well as salt. The products should contain more magnesium and calcium. For this purpose, the following products are recommended for use:

With the use of these products, the probability of conception of a girl increases.

How does the pose affect the sex of the baby during sex?

There is an opinion that the position of the body during sex also affects the sex of the future baby, and there are even poses for the conception of the girl. The main task in this process is to make the path of the spermatozoon to the egg as long as possible, for which the "missionary" pose, lying on its side and the "woman on the stomach", ideally fit.

Other methods to conceive a girl

To establish favorable days for the conception of a girl, one can also use the so-called method of lunar phases. According to her, every woman has an individual cycle, predispositions to conception. It is given from the moment of birth and remains unchanged throughout life. At the same time, the probability of conception rises in that lunar phase, when the future mother was born.

Thus, there are many methods, after studying which, a woman will know how to calculate the conception of a girl. But, none of them allows you to do so, with 100% probability of planning the conception of the girl, as if it was not wanted.