Amber Hurd spends time with Vito Schnabel

It seems that not only Ilon Mask, who came to Met Gala 2018 together with the new girl singer Grimes, tripled his personal life. His former lover Amber Hurd went on a date with ex-boyfriend Heidi Klum.

Unexpected Couple

Walking along the carpet path of the Costume Ball and walking out to the event, Tuesday, Amber Hurd, who had not slept, instead of falling asleep at home, went to an important meeting, which became known thanks to the paparazzi.

Amber Heard on the Met Gala 2018

Closer to noon, they captured a tired actress, who was sitting in the back seat of a black SUV on a street in New York in the company of art dealer Vito Schnabel.

Amber Heard
Amber Hurd and Vito Schnabel

The 32-year-old actress and her 30-year-old interlocutor focused on the conversation and did not pay attention to the camera lenses aiming at them through the open window of the car.

Revenge of Heard

In the meantime, network users are discussing the possible romance between Vito and Ember, who were previously not seen together, believing that these two can not get along.

According to gossipers, Hurd, who had plenty of debauches in marriage with Johnny Depp, will not tolerate the vices of Schnabel, among them drugs and regular campaigns to the left. The former lover, Klum, who previously turned novels with women is much older than himself, can not take such a nut as the obstinate Amber.

Vito Schnabel and Heidi Klum
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As for the interest of the actress to Vito, the users are sure that the meeting with him was her response to the appearance of Ilona from another on Met Gala.

Ilon Mask and Grimes on Monday