Actor Johnny Depp tried to provoke a fight on the set of the movie "Labyrinth"

Hollywood star Johnny Depp, who can be found in the tapes "Edward Scissorhands" and "Alice in Wonderland", is now busy in filming an action movie called "Labyrinth." In this picture, Johnny plays the main role - a detective named Russell Poole. Despite this, Depp once again demonstrated his frivolous approach to work, because today it became known that while in a state of intoxication, the actor made a fight on the set.

Johnny Depp

Johnny did not like the shooting process of the "Labyrinth"

Filming of the detective tape "Labyrinth" takes place in the heart of Los Angeles. That's why the film crew, led by director Brad Furman, has permission to block certain streets, however, for only a few hours every day. Yesterday shooting one of the scenes of the "Labyrinth" started at the appointed time, but the director for a long time did not like the work of the actors. It is worth noting that in this scene Depp was not busy and that's why he decided to pass the time for a bottle of strong alcohol and a huge number of cigars. When, finally, the scene was filmed and it was time for Johnny to appear in front of the camera, he was already fucking drunk. Furman refused to work with him, especially since the time limit for traffic in the streets of Los Angeles was drawing to a close.

In the "Labyrinth" Depp plays Detective Russell Poole

Then Brad turned to his assistant - location manager - with a request to inform Johnny that it was time to leave the set. In response, the movie star decided to correct the situation and began to manage the process instead of the director. Unfortunately, Depp did not do anything, and the director's assistant began to insist on stopping the filming. It was at this point that an incident occurred that resulted in a fight between the location manager and Depp. The latter struck the director's assistant's fist in the ribs, and when he was drawn, he shouted the following:

"Come on, hit me! I know that you can do it! If you hit me, I'll pay you $ 100,000! You do not want to do this? So you're a weakling! Do not you dare take me away from the set. You do not have the right to do this! ".

Unfortunately, the location manager did not comment on the incident on the set, but Furman spoke to the press, saying:

"Working in film is a big stress. That is why during the filming process there are a variety of incidents. What happened between Depp and my assistant is nothing more than a manifestation of emotions during filming. This happens quite often and it is not worth scandal. I do not think that something terrible has happened. The press has overestimated this incident. "
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Johnny is considered a scandalous person

Recall that in life, the famous actor already had scandalous episodes, which resulted in communication with the police. So, for example, a few weeks ago, Depp's former guards sued him for using them as drug couriers and nannies. And in the autumn of last year, journalists were outraged by the appearance of Johnny in a state of intoxication at the premiere of the film "Murder in the Orient Express." Perhaps his alcoholic intoxication would remain unnoticed if he did not insult them in the process of communicating with the media.