Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd dog breed appeared back in the 19th century in Belgium. It was there that for the first time this dog was recognized as the best shepherd breed and was named Belgian shepherd dog. To date, the Belgian Shepherd is known as an excellent defender and guard, as a universal service dog.

Description and standard of the Belgian Shepherd

In its appearance, the Belgian shepherd dog makes an impression of a strong, muscular. Her body is really very powerful, but harmoniously enough combined. If you evaluate the silhouette of a dog, then it should fit into the square.

The chest of the Belgian Shepherd is well developed, descends to the level of elbows. Paws long, straight, not heavy in appearance. Muzzle pointed, about a little more than half the size of the head. The head of the Belgian Shepherd is high, ears are sharp, standing. The height at the withers of the shepherds reaches 58-62 cm.

There are several varieties of the breed:

Belgian Shepherd Malinois has a dense tight-fitting coat with a noticeable undercoat. For malinois, the color is pale with a black pattern, meaning the black tip of the hair. Such a pattern should not be allocated in the form of spots or stripes, it should simply shade the basic color of the color.

Belgian Shepherd Tervenur has a more fluffy wool of moderate length with a noticeable collar around the neck. As for the color, here there are dogs with fawns with a black pattern and gray with a black pattern. Preferred is the fawn color, the black pattern on which also should not be expressed in the form of strips or spots.

Belgian Shepherd Lakenwua differs from the rest with stiff coarse wools 5-6 cm in length. This short-haired Belgian shepherd has a fawn color with a black pattern that can be darkened to a reddish-red. Due to its hard coat, the dog has a pronounced mustache, eyebrows and a beard on the muzzle.

Gr√ľnendahl is an absolutely black Belgian shepherd. Her wool is long enough, thick and softer than other breeds.

Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd

By its nature, the Belgian Shepherd has the character of a balanced and fairly calm. She is bold, obedient and loyal to the master. In communication, the dog is friendly and does not show aggression, including in contact with children, if they do not behave aggressively towards it.

The training of the Belgian Shepherd will not cause problems: dogs of this breed are endowed with intelligence and intelligence from nature. However, it is important to train not rudeness and cruelty, but encouragement of correct behavior, in this case the dog will quickly understand what the owner wants from it. It is better to start training from a very early age and make this process step-by-step, logical and permanent.

The Belgian Shepherd loves an active lifestyle, outdoor games, long walks. The dog has an unpretentious nature and is accustomed to living on the street (in the aviary). Belgian Shepherd can live in an apartment, but do not forget about enough physical activity. The dog will gladly take part in your walks, jogs or trips to the country.

Puppies Belgian Shepherd, like adult dogs, require regular care for the coat. It is recommended to comb it with a special brush. Wash the dog as much as it gets dirty.

To grow a well-bred and beautiful Belgian Shepherd, from childhood, pay attention to the right balanced diet (dry or natural food), constant training and sufficient physical activity.