The Oceanarium

The favorite museum in children and adults in Cyprus was the Oceanarium in Protaras . Here you can watch for hours the underwater life of a variety of species of marine life. Inside, the Oceanarium in Protaras resembles a river, advancing along which, you simply dive into the atmosphere of the underwater world.

Visitors are very attracted by the penguin house, which is located on the territory of the oceanarium and huge crocodiles. If you get tired of watching the fish, then you can move to an extraordinary garden at the entrance to the aquarium, where the monkeys jumping around the trees, and raccoon raccoons run around the lawns. You will need at least two hours to get around and see. For convenience in the aquarium set up sofas, and in the garden - a small cafe. For children there are play attractions and playgrounds, and on the lawns - sculptures of animals and fish.

What is inside?

Once inside the Oceanarium in Protaras, you will immediately stumble upon a small zoo. Here in the cages live raccoons and parrots, which are often selected on the lawns, but the administration did not oppose it, and even set up special observers so that the raccoons did not fall into the aviary for crocodiles. You will be charmed by real penguins, which you will find in a separate room. This kind of penguins is quite different from their northern "brothers", because they are used to a warmer climate. They were brought here from the coast of Peru and Chile.

Be sure to visit the cage with crocodiles. Here, fierce predators often arrange a show - a tough battle for food. It is not advisable for children and nervous to look at it. Come better at lunchtime, when the crocodiles are already calm and well fed.

Naturally, in the Protaras Oceanarium come to see the underwater inhabitants. Here you can observe the usual "home" species of fish (goldfish, parrots, catfish, etc.) and the most interesting, extraordinary exhibits. In the central large aquarium there live huge pikes and piranhas, pakas and stingrays, which, despite their instincts, peacefully spend time together. Predator Aravan is the most important exhibit of the museum. She is a relative of dragons, her length is more than one meter. The fish feed on surface insects and birds, for it a separate large aquarium is created, which you will find in the central part of the hall.

Moving along the room, you stumble upon aquariums with sea stars, ruffs and sea horses. It is unlikely that your presence and views will disturb their peace. In general, rarely anyone could see how the stars or ruffs move. They are revitalized mainly at night. Watching sea turtles is a special pleasure. Sluggish animals do not make one circle to get to the food on the surface. Giant ancient turtles are the most interesting for visitors, especially for the youngest.

Worth knowing

Buses №101, 102, 703, 706 will help you to reach the Protaras Oceanarium. Remember that buses run very rarely, so plan the departure time in advance, find out the route schedule. Of course, you can drive to the Oceanarium by car. Be vigilant, because the tangled track Tinou can get you very far. Focus on the big bright sign of the museum at the crossroads.

The price for tickets to the museum is relatively large -15 euros per adult, 7 per child. This is the highest price for a ticket to a museum in Cyprus. Of course, in the store at the entrance you can buy food for local residents, so take on these embezzles with you about five euros.

The Protaras Oceanarium is open daily. From April to November, you can visit it from 10.00 to 18.00, the remaining months from 9.00 to 16.00. In March, they carry out sanitary work, so the whole month the museum is closed. In holidays and fish, day off.