The daddies of the girls are the most beautiful: the 27 most sweet proofs!

All men want to seem the strongest, self-confident and sometimes even brutal. But this is so long as they do not have a beloved little princess, for which you can stand the fitting of pink bows or even painted nails!

Actually, we found 27 dads of girls who are just doomed to be the most beautiful, and we are very proud of them!

1. When you have a little daughter, it's so hard to be brutal ...

2. And you have not seen his pedicure yet!

3. Agree, it's just superbly cute!

4. I have a princess growing up, and that's why I'm always beautiful!

5. When I realized what real beauty is!

6. What is the Champions League there, when my daughter wants to make me kind of cute?

7. But you can safely play in the tanks ...

8. Well, at least this time without lipstick!

9. My brutality melts with each of her smiles!

10. No, guys, today for beer without me!

11. Would you be able to refuse her?

12. Happiness is not necessary. Suffices the child's laughter and a couple of bows on his head!

13. And he will be so handsome for a couple of years!

14. To be the daughter's daughter is to be able to distinguish all shades of lacquer, lipstick and be able to braid braids!

15. Yes, you are just jealous of him!

16. With my little daughter, I am handsome every day!

17. But in fact before I did not guess - how much charm in me!

18. Just a little bit more and we will try our hand at the beauty contest!

19. We are at the ball, and you do not get bored!

20. And these women's tricks are so fascinating!

21. This is the hour of silence for your favorite movie!

22. And tomorrow we will go to choose the most beautiful pink dress for you!

23. He does not yet know what beauty is waiting for him in a mirror image!

24. Mothers-daughters are, and now also daddy-daddies!

25. It seems that I am ready to fulfill any of her wishes!

26. I'm handsome, are not you?

27. You can make a stern face, but with a little princess you'll still be ... nyasha!