Exercises for the buttocks in the gym

Round and elastic buttocks are the dream of a huge number of women, but working with the muscles in this area is hard work. Good results are given by regular classes in the gym , where you can combine a set of exercises with sports equipment, which is not at home. Experts assure that in a month of regular training it will be possible to achieve good results.

What exercises for the buttocks are performed in the gym?

Before you perform the complex, you need to do a warm-up, which is aimed at warming up the muscles. For this purpose, easy running, jumping, tilting, etc. is suitable. Many exercises in the complex are performed using free weights, that is, dumbbells and barbells. Basic exercises for the buttocks:

  1. Squats . The simplest, but effective exercise. To go down it is necessary, not crossing parallels with the floor, thus the stop should not come off the floor. To rise it is necessary due to a strain of muscles of buttocks. In the hands it is necessary to hold dumbbells. It is worth doing 4-6 approaches 8 times.
  2. The falls . Another basic exercise for the buttocks, which can be performed in the hall and at home. To load it was the muscles of priests, you need to make attacks back. Stand up straight and take a step back, while sinking to a level where a right angle is formed in the knee of the front leg. Straining the muscles of the buttocks, go back to the starting position, but do not put your foot on the floor, but immediately perform the next attack. To increase the load, use the step platform. Do 2-3 approaches 12 times.
  3. Press the legs on the simulator . This exercise gives a good load on the buttocks. Lay down on the simulator and place your feet on the platform so that there is a right angle between the support and the foot. To increase and isolate the load, it is recommended to press one foot, which should be placed as close to the top edge of the platform as possible. Bend the legs so that a right angle is formed in the knees. It is worth doing 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  4. Hyperextension . Another popular and effective exercise for the buttocks on the simulator, which also gives a load on the hips. Place on the simulator so that only the middle part of the thighs is on the support, while the buttocks should be in the air. Ankle yourselves into the rollers. Starting position - lower the body in such a way that it forms an angle of 90 degrees with the hips, and place the arms on the chest. Straining the buttocks, you need to lift the body so that it is slightly above the parallel line from the floor. Bend your legs slightly and lift the body so that it forms a straight line. Exhale and slowly bend down. Do all you need without sudden movements. Do 4 approaches 10 times.
  5. Swings with the lever of the simulator . The best exercise for the buttocks, as the load receives a large gluteus muscle. Hold hands for the simulator and lean forward slightly. Place one leg under a soft roller, which should be positioned at the level between the knee and ankle. At the entrance, take the leg back and stay at the maximum stress point and lower it. Do 3-4 sets of 15 times.
  6. Bending of legs in a lying position on the simulator . This power exercise for the buttocks can be performed with both feet or alternately, then left, then right. Place yourself on the simulator so that your knees are near the end of the bench. Ankle yourselves into the rollers. Put your hands on the handles or hold on to the side edges of the bench. Breathe in and bend your legs in your lap, pulling the roller toward you. When the legs are perpendicular to the floor or the platen touches the hips, you need to stay for a couple of seconds. On exhalation, stretch your legs. Do the exercise without jerking.