The cat strongly sheds - what should I do?

Every housewife loves cleanliness and order in the house, and also a kind and cheerful atmosphere. Discharging the environment is often helped by a pet, especially if it's a cat. She always enthralls her pranks, calms and purrs everyone, playing with the child. But when the hair begins to appear on things, carpets and furniture, then the pet introduces everyone with a sense of horror.

You have to think about this problem much earlier than when you are in a panic will not know how to get the house clean again. If the cat strongly sheds, it is realistic to prevent unwanted cleaning. To do this, it is necessary to determine when the most horrible for all owners of the period of hair loss animal. To begin with, you need to gently tug your pet for her fur coat. If in your hands there are wool or whole fragments, then this means that molting has begun.

What to do when a cat is shedding?

The fight against this phenomenon is not very easy, because here the main qualities remain patience and thoroughness. The most effective way - combing, which must be done from the very beginning of hair loss. The procedure must be done at least once a day. Long-haired cats are more suitable combs made of steel, and to remove the undercoat - with a chrome coating or bristle brushes. A pet with a short fur coat needs to be combed with brush-gloves.

To help with this problem, you can also get special therapeutic shampoos, if the pet, of course, does not suffer from dermatological diseases. Adding fatty acids to the feed also gives a good result. It should not be forgotten that in this difficult period for every hostess it is necessary to give your pet special preparations for removing unpleasant lumps of wool from the stomach.

The process of combing and cleaning the apartment depends on how long the cat is shedding. This happens twice a year and lasts 3-4 weeks. So if your pet is healthy, then do not worry about it. But if the animal is sick, then the unpleasant period is likely to last for a long time.

Why does the cat moult very strongly?

Moulting in animals is a natural process, both in the wild and at home. If the cat lives on the street, then the density of her fur coat should match the season. But if the darling lives in an apartment and the owners do not let her out even for a walk, then it is likely that the "malfunctioning" of the pet can occur and the fur coat will change its appearance within a year. If the cat very strongly molts and for a long time, this fact means that the growth processes of the wool are violated. While it is not exactly proven why this happens, there are several possible reasons. If the temperature in the apartment does not match the season, and the lamps, lamps extend the day in the house, then this can affect your animal.

Also on the molting process, dermatological problems or hormonal failure also affect. The exact cause of intense and protracted hair loss can only be indicated by the veterinarian. Therefore, immediately, as soon as you notice something is amiss with your favorite, you need to contact a specialist. Plus, your cat may need vitamins and minerals, or fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, so her coat and lose her healthy looking beautiful. These nutrients should be received along with high-quality food, and a special vitamin complex can also help her.

Moulting is a rather unpleasant process, but inevitable. You should always be on guard, sometimes scratch your cat to check if the hair falls out. Also, you need to give her a good meal that contains enough vitamins and minerals. And from time to time it is necessary to walk with the pet to the vet to make sure that everything is in order.