Seth Panis Castle

The Seth Panis Castle is a mysterious medieval repository that performed general political functions in Andorra. In the distant 16th century, all representatives of the principality gathered in the Seth Panis home to discuss political issues of the state. Now this landmark has become quite an interesting museum, in which the exhibits are valuable historical manuscripts, rulers' decrees and photographs from various state-significant events.

Location and architecture

The castle of Set Panis is located in the heart of the city of Andorra la Vella. It became the main attraction of the Barry Atik district. Externally, the house Seth Panis resembles a castle, so tourists are perplexed when they get inside. Behind the doors of the castle lies a room that resembles a large library with huge shelves and folders arranged on them.

The building material of the castle Seth Panis was a gray stone, so apparently it looks rather massive. Rectangular lock design resembles a chest. At each corner of the "chest" is an observation tower, where in the 16th century there was a 24-hour security guard. Small window openings and massive doors give the structure Gothic. Inside, as well as outside the house of Seth Panis, there is absolutely no decor. Only on one wall of the castle were the coat of arms of Andorra, as well as the flag.

The history of the creation of the castle Seth Panis

In the distant 16th century, the State Council of Andorra issued a decree on the construction of a political repository, which became the home of Seth Panis. It kept the most important and valuable documents from all of Andorra. Access to the repository was only representatives of principalities, which at that time in the state was 7. Accordingly, seven locks with completely different keys were at the door of the vault. Each principality received its only key, a copy of which at that time was hard enough to create. That's why the name of the castle Seth Panis translates as "Chest with seven locks."

Opening hours and road to the castle

At the moment, Seth Panis can be visited by tourists only with the help of a guide. The building opens its doors to all tourists at 10.00 and works until 18.00.

The castle of Set Panis is located in the heart of the town of Andorra la Vella, where the routes of all buses of the city are laid. To get to the sights, you can catch a taxi, but in this city it is difficult to do, so it's better to book a car in advance.