Dress-sarafan in the floor

Stylish dress-sarafans in summer occupy the leading positions in the women's wardrobe. From classic dresses, these models are distinguished by free cut, use for sewing airy light fabrics. In addition, the dress-sarafan has often an open top, and sleeves in it are absent. Another distinguishing feature - the presence of straps of different widths. But to focus on these criteria is not worth it, because modern designers for each summer season represent new interpretations of sarafans. One thing remains unchanged-length. Despite the abundance of mini and midi models, the long sarafan dress continues to conquer women's hearts, because such clothes allow you to feel like a queen and at an evening event, and at the office, and for a walk. What kind of sundresses in the floor is to replenish the wardrobe so that it matches the trends?

Fashion accents

Many fashion houses and brands prefer long sarafans, as evidenced by the latest collections of women's spring-summer clothes. The secret of such popularity is simple - everyday and evening gowns-sarafans create light, elegant, enticing silhouettes, giving their owners grace and charm. In addition to the elegant and at the same time seductive length, such models can be decorated with cutouts of various shapes and sizes. Deep and frankly indiscreet cuts, seductively exposing women's hips, serve as an excellent frame for the well-groomed slender legs of girls. The simplest long black dress-sarafan with a deep cut on the thigh or back can easily claim the role of a stylish evening outfit. A model of red color, no doubt, will drive any man crazy. But remember that outspoken notches are not always appropriate, and the figure of the owner of a sarafan should be appropriate.

It's hard not to pay attention to the desire of designers to give clothes even more femininity and romance. This is easily achieved through pleating. Long skirts sundresses, decorated with small or large folds, are ideal for the summer season. Pleating attracts attention, so do not overload the top of the product with decor. Thin straps, giving the image of tenderness and touching sensuality, are so imperceptible that it is sometimes difficult to understand how the sarafan is held by its owner. Dress-sarafan with open shoulders is ideal for creating a romantic bow. Pay attention to models in the linen style, which resemble a combination or a nightgown. These sarafans emphasize the fragility of slender, low girls. Do you want to create an expressive sexual image? "Forget" to put on a sarafan bra.

As an everyday option, it is worth considering a dress-sarafan with buttons or buttons, made of a material that holds the shape well. This can be a favorite denim young girls, natural flax or practical cotton. A youth dress-sarafan in the floor, which can be worn with a thin leather strap, picking up various shoes and accessories, will save you from having to spend time solving the eternal feminine question "what to wear?".

Evening Fashion

As already mentioned, in the evening fashion, long dresses-sarafans are quite appropriate. When choosing an outfit for a special occasion, pay attention to models of a trapezoidal silhouette, dresses in Greek style, sarafans with a fluffy skirt or tight fitting variants. With what to wear a dress-sarafan in this case? With elegant shoes and sandals, preferring models in high heels. On a cool summer evening, the ensemble can be supplemented with a translucent cape on the shoulders or a beautiful bolero.