Pantyhose Dover

With the onset of cold weather, it becomes very important to purchase warm clothes that make you feel warm and comfortable. These include warm women's tights, which replenishes the autumn and winter wardrobe. In this case, every woman wants to buy a quality thing that will last a long time. Such characteristics are tights Dover.

Women's Pantyhose Dover

The manufacturer of pantyhose Dover is a group of Russian companies "Ivanovo Textile", specializing in the manufacture of textiles and knitwear. The advantages of tights of this trademark include the following:

For the manufacture of specially insulated pantyhose Dover use such materials:

Another variant of the constituent materials of tights will be their content in the following proportions:

Products with such a composition are more elastic, they can be successfully applied in combination with office skirts up to the knee.

Pantyhose Dover, whose production is designed for full women, will be for them a real godsend. They are represented by a universal size - 54-60. The products are available in packages containing 6 to 10 pieces.

The color range of products is presented in such shades: black, gray, beige, brown.