Peipsi Lake

In Estonia there is one amazing place that attracts tourists who are tired of busy excursions and monumental sights . This Prichudye is a quiet picturesque region, which includes 4 Estonian counties (Jõgeva, Ida-Virumaa, Tartumaa, Põlvamaa), which adjoin one of the most famous lakes in the world. This place is really wonderful. The soul and lovers of fishing, connoisseurs of oblivious nature, and admirers of ancient Estonian culture will take it here. And the photos taken on Lake Peipsi will take a worthy place in your album of memories of travel.

Where is Lake Peipsi?

On the map, find this pond is quite simple. After all, in size, it ranks fifth in Europe. Lake Peipsi is located on the border area between two states: the Republic of Estonia and Russia. It is a part of the lake complex, which consists of three lakes: Chudskoye (73%), Pskov (20%), Middle / Warm (7%).

Lake Chudskoe belongs to the Baltic basin of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Peipsi - history

About 300-400 years ago, in the Paleozoic era, the entire territory of the Chudsko-Pskov Lake basin was occupied by a huge glacier. At the same time, a thick 200-meter layer of sedimentary rocks (sandstone, clay, limestone) was formed, which now covers the crystalline basement from gneisses, granites and diabases.

The origin of Lake Peipsi is due to the gradual retreat of the glacier. Previously, the level of all water bodies formed from glacial waters was higher by 7-9 cm. Over time, it gradually decreased, and the area of ​​the basins decreased.

Every schoolboy knows about Chudskoye Lake from the course of history. It was on it that one of the most significant battles between Russian soldiers and Livonian knights took place - the Battle of the Ice. The exact location of the epicenter of the battle could be determined only in the middle of the 20th century. The fighting on ice was about 400 meters from Cape Sigovets.

Lake Peipsi in figures and facts

Lake Peipus: what to see?

If you are planning to come to Lake Peipus to see some local attractions, head towards Mustvee town (in the east, in Jõgevamaa county). It is this part of the coast that is of value to the adherents of cognitive tourism.

Moving along the coast towards the city of Tartu, you can visit at once 4 Old Believers:

The villages smoothly pass into each other at a distance of 7 km, they are even called a village street.

If you are traveling by car, Mustvea is an ideal place to relax near Lake Peipsi. You will be able to enjoy the magic nature and authenticity of the local villages, and if you want to diversify leisure, just an hour's drive there are large cities with a more modern aureole - Tartu and Rakvere. Even on the way there you can drop into a lot of interesting places:

In the town of Mustvee on the shore of Lake Peipsi there are also many attractions:

In Mustvee there are several accommodation options, from hotels with all amenities ( Ankur Hotell ) to inexpensive hostels right by the lake ( Ironi Hostel , Kalameeste maja ).

Rest on Lake Peipsi

Tourists and locals go on holiday to Lake Peipsi in winter and summer. At any time of the year, in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful nature, one can find here what to do:

And, of course, the most popular entertainment on Lake Peipsi is fishing. In many coastal towns, you can rent fishing boats and all necessary gear. In winter, it turns out to be a service for exporting ATV amphibians to the ice.

The most popular beaches among the tourists on Lake Peipsi are in Kauksi , Remniku , Kallaste , Mustvee .

How to get there?

It is most convenient to reach the coast of Peipsi Lake by car. To the northern part of the lake it is necessary to move along the route No. 3, from the western side of the lake it goes to the highway No. 43.

The resorts (Kuaxi, Mustvee) can also be reached by regular buses that often run between Tartu, Jõhvi and other major cities.