Sausage in the test - caloric value

Sausage in the dough is a favorite food of fast food. How many calories in a sausage in the test depends on the sausage, dough, the availability of additional ingredients and the way of preparation.

Calorie content of sausages

Caloric content of sausages depends not only on the meat from which it is made. Trying to make the production of this product cheaper, unscrupulous manufacturers often use ingredients that replace natural meat. In most sausages, only 10 to 30% of meat is of the lowest quality. In their composition, you can find skin, animal fat and meat residues. The rest of the ingredients are protein stabilizers. They include blood, pork skin, chicken skin and tendons.

Sausages that are cooked at home will be more caloric than produced at the factory. The calorie content of dairy sausages per 100 grams of the product is 260 kcal. The average caloric content of beef and veal sausages is 264 kcal. Chicken sausages contain 259 kcal. More accurate caloric content of sausages depends on the manufacturer.

Calorie content of sausage in dough

Sausage in the dough is a fairly common dish for a tasty and quick snack. It is necessary to understand that the regular use of this representative of fast food can adversely affect the figure. On average, the sausages calories in the test are equal to 320. A more accurate indicator depends on the method of preparation. The calorie content of the fried sausage in the dough will be approximately 350 kcal. This figure is higher than the calorie content of the sausage in the dough prepared in the oven.

The dough itself plays an important aspect in the issue of the calorie content of the sausage in the dough. It can be yeast, butter, bread or puff. The caloric content of the sausage in the puff pastry beats all records and is approximately 400 kcal per 100 grams of the finished product.