Sasso Corbaro Castle

The castle of Sasso Corbaro, otherwise known as the High Castle or Castello di Sasso Corbaro, enters along with Castelgrande and Montebello among the three castles making up the defenses of Bellinzona . It is located about 600 meters southeast of the city on a high cliff. This is the smallest of the three castles, above all else located and not having a chain of city walls with other locks, but standing aloof. Nevertheless, the castle Sasso Corbaro, which has an amazing history, is now very fond of tourists, because from its height offers a stunning panorama of the city and the lower castles.

A Brief History of the Castle of Sasso Corbaro

According to the historical data of the XV century, the fortified tower in place of the present castle existed already in 1400. Sasso Corbaro Castle was built a little later, in 1479. The works were conducted under the guidance of Florentine architect Benedetto Ferrini and on the orders of Ludovico Moreau. The purpose of its construction was to strengthen the defensive part of the city. A distinctive feature of this castle in the construction of fortress walls was the lack of connectivity with other fortifications of the city, as Sasso Corbaro is located high in the mountains.

Sasso Corbaro did not immediately come to be called that way. Since 1506 it was called the Unterwalden, and since 1818 it was called the castle of St. Barbara by the name of the chapel located here. In 1919, Sasso Corbaro was transferred to the state, and this fact was the starting point for the beginning of serious restoration work.

What interesting things can you see in the castle?

Currently, the castle of Sasso Corbaro, along with the castles of Montebello and Castelgrande, is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In good and clear weather, festivals and folk festivals are often held here in the style of the Middle Ages.

Sasso Corbaro Castle in Switzerland in form is a square, has walls measuring 25 by 25 meters, the thickness of which is from 1 to 1.8 meters. In the north-east and south-west corners of the castle there are towers. The low northern tower was a place for guards and guardians of the fortress, and the southern tower, since it was quite high, served as a watchtower. On all the walls of the castle are preserved bifurcated dovetails in the form of a swallowtail, otherwise called "Ghibelline teeth". In the XV century, these were very popular decorations for fortification city fortifications.

You can enter the castle through the main entrance at the end of the western wall. Incidentally, at the main entrance there were traces of the protective grating and the drive mechanism for it. Before the main entrance one can see an additional strengthening of the triangular form - ravelin. The living quarters in the castle were formerly located at the south and west walls of the castle, in the eastern part there was a chapel. It is a copy of a small chapel of the XVII century built, dedicated to St. Barbara and restored once from the ruins. In the courtyard of the castle Sasso Corbaro you can see part of the preserved to this day premises, namely fragments of the kitchen, hearth, sanitation, and well of the XV century. All the surviving buildings are restored and open to tourists.

The most notable part of Sasso Corbaro Castle in Switzerland is the "wooden room", or the Emma Poglia Hall. This room is faced only from walnut, under which are located special plates, responsible for heating the room. "Wooden room" was built in the XVII century and was originally located in the family estate of the Emma family. In Sasso Corbaro, it was moved only in 1989. Together with the "Wooden Room", the family fireplace Emma also moved to the castle with the emblem depicted on it with fierce eagles and a tiger. The "Wooden Room" is now in the observation tower and is also accessible to visitors. It is in it and is now a museum. The museum has the opportunity to visit both the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions, the schedule of which can be clarified on the official website, by phone and e-mail. To take a walk in the courtyard of the castle Sasso Corbaro, you do not need to buy a ticket. The location of the castle on a high rock allows you to see and capture a charming panorama of the surroundings.

How to get to Sasso Corbaro Castle?

Sasso Corbaro Castle in Bellinzona is located on a rock, so the path to it involves certain, and in this case considerable labor. You can climb the mountain by car, tourist trains or take public transport . If you decide to go by bus, then you need route number 4, the stop for the exit is called Cast. Sasso Corbaro.

Passage to the courtyard of the castle is free. The entrance to the castle museum is paid for exhibitions. The ticket for a permanent exposition for adult citizens costs 5 Swiss francs, children from 6 to 14 years and students - 2 Swiss francs. Entry for children under 6 years of age at a permanent exhibition is free. For admission, an adult entrance ticket costs 10 Swiss francs, children from 6 to 14 years and students - 5 Swiss francs, children under 6 years old are free.