Rotokan for gargling

Rotokan is intended for rinsing the throat. It is available in the form of a water-alcohol extract in 50 ml vials. You can apply locally or inside. The drug is made from plant material. It is used as a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. In addition, the instructions refer to the antispasmodic effect. It is capable of repairing mucosal damage.

Rotokan - Instruction for Throat Rinse

The composition of the drug includes extracts of chamomile, millennial and marigold. It should immediately be noted that it is used only as a solution. It should not be used in its pure form. A solution is prepared immediately before the rinsing procedure. The drug is shown to everyone. But in the case of individual intolerance of individual components, specialists usually prescribe to patients a trial or a light dose of the drug. It is advisable to start treatment with a minimum amount of the drug.

How to grow Rotokan for gargling?


Preparation and use

Water should be heated to 30-40 degrees and add a medicine. Stir the mixture for 20 seconds. In no case can not use too hot water, otherwise the drug will simply lose its healing properties.

For the procedure, about two tablespoons of solution are taken into the mouth. The rinse is done for one minute. Then the liquid spits out. Repeat the process until you finish the glass with the mixture. In total, it will take no more than ten minutes. Gargle should be 3-4 times a day after eating.

How do you know that Rotokan is properly diluted to gargle?

After the first procedure, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the body. If within a few hours there is no discomfort, then everything is fine, and the drug is suitable. To increase the therapeutic effect after a well-tolerated first procedures, the dose can be increased. So, for example, you can dilute two teaspoons of the drug for a glass of water. If in this case everything goes well, then everything is in order, rinse can continue.

Dosage should be increased only on the third day, not earlier. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of the throat.

How to use Rotokan to rinse the children?

Gargling with Rotocan solution to children is prescribed in a weak concentration - just one teaspoon of the drug per glass of water. The child first needs to take a little mixture in the mouth and rinse the throat. In the first procedure, it is advisable to use only half the glass. If within a few hours after rinsing everything is in order, then the treatment can be continued. The duration of the course and the frequency of admission, again, depends on the stage of the disease.

Rotokan - a method of application for a rinse of a throat at an allergy

In some cases, in humans, the use of the drug may cause allergies in the form of:

In this case, you must immediately stop the procedure and contact a specialist for help.

The medicine can be used during pregnancy and lactation. But this should happen only with normal portability of all components. In addition, it is desirable to constantly be observed by a specialist.

Rotokan for gargling - features of application

Do not be scared if, after some time, a sediment appears on the bottom of the vial. It is necessary to shake the container just before use. The medicine is stored at room temperature in a dark place inaccessible to children.