Gymnastics for pregnant women - 3 trimester

During the entire period of pregnancy with the woman's body gradual changes occur. In the first trimester, the body only adapts to the new status. In the second - all the forces are directed to the growth and development of the baby. And in the third - the body of the future mother, while waiting for the forthcoming birth, is preparing for them. So all the trimesters have their key meaning and it's impossible to say which of them is more important.

Pregnant women try to find out more information about their condition, what happens to the baby in this period, are interested in the features of nutrition and the necessary examinations. Of course, in these 9 months you can not forget about taking care of yourself, including charging. And closer to the end of pregnancy, you need to remember about physical exercises to prepare for childbirth. They will help not only to prepare the body for a serious process, but also will give a charge of positive energy.

It also happens that a child in the womb has an incorrect position (transverse or pelvic), then they can recommend a set of specific exercises to turn the fruit over and the woman could give birth naturally, without surgery.

Contraindications to gymnastics in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

It must be borne in mind that not all women can be physically challenged:

Basic Exercises

In order to perform a general charge, you do not need to have any special devices at all.

Exercise "Evil Cat" for a beneficial effect on the muscles of the waist. In addition, it is useful when you need gymnastics for pregnant women, so that the fruit turns over. You need to stand on all fours, arched your back, then inhale and lift your head, then exhale and head down. Repeat several times.

There is a simple exercise that will help strengthen the shoulder girdle. To perform it, you need to lie down, putting your feet on the floor and lifting the pelvis.

Exercise during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester on fitball

The longer the period, the more difficult it is to pick up the physical load for a woman. It is recommended to pay attention to classes with a special ball called fitball. Such charging is interesting and safe for the future mother, and also normalizes the pressure, the work of the heart, improves the general condition. Here are some suitable gym techniques with a fitball for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester.

Relaxed to sit on the ball and breathe deeply. Although the exercise looks very simple, but it relieves stress well from the back, and also trains the breath, which is useful in childbirth.

Take the position lying on the floor, raise your legs on the fitball and roll it in front and back. This method is a good prevention of varicose veins.

Sit in Turkish with your back to the ball, put your hands behind your back and grab the fitball, start squeezing and unclenching the ball. This exercise helps delicately pump pectoral muscles.

Special gymnastics for turning the fetus

Pregnant women know that if the fetus does not take the correct position by the end of the period, doctors will recommend cesarean section in most cases. Of course, future moms have a question about what to do to make the fruit turn over.

There is a definite corrective technique that women are recommended if the child remains in the wrong position by 34-35 weeks. The essence of charging is that it changes the tone of the anterior abdominal wall and this facilitates the translation of the fetus into the head previa. The woman should lie on a hard surface, and then every 10 minutes to make coups from side to side. It is necessary to perform charging 3 times a day, preferably at least 10 days.

A pregnant woman must remember that it is best before consulting a doctor to start a gym to avoid having contraindications.