Review of the book "Awareness" - Mark Williams, Denny Penman

We used to have time,
Now we have things to do,
Prove that the strong eats the weak,
Prove that the soot is white.
Nautilus Pompilius

In the current age of information technology, one of the most important problems of mankind is haste and information noise. People are constantly busy doing most things on autopilot, and information noise fills the entire mental flow. It is because of this that people growing up constantly realize that time goes faster and faster. And it's not just that - life becomes not conscious, but automatic.

The Book of Specialty allows you to understand how you can control your feelings, thoughts and learn to live here and now. The essence of the book in the 8-week course of meditation, which with each chapter shows you exercises and techniques, with which you can better control your body and mind. Unfortunately, people very often believe that the brain and body are completely different and loosely related things, developing one, the other does not develop. Issledovaniya same show all the exact opposite. Even a banal "pulling on" a smile and proudly straightened breasts can improve your mood in a matter of minutes.

Many people believe that they do not have enough time for anything, especially some meditative practices. This is an erroneous view - meditation will save much more time than taking away. Awareness of life is exactly what will allow you to better feel the taste of food, a kiss, a pleasant gust of wind. Controlling one's life, not life on autopilot, is the key to solving many problems, including health.