Preparation of the cervix for delivery

From the successful preparation of the organism for childbirth all the process of childbirth depends: it will pass quickly and less painfully or seriously exhaust mother. And an important role in this is the level of preparedness of the cervix for childbirth.

The cervix can have 3 degrees of maturity:

For the preparation of the cervix, prostaglandins respond. In the case of insufficient production of prostaglandins in the body, the cervix will not reach the maturity stage at the onset of labor. As a result, the delivery can not be very beneficial (slow opening, severe pain). The ideal condition is the soft cervix of the uterus before delivery. But not during pregnancy, otherwise premature opening of the cervix will occur, which should happen only before birth.

The doctor, who watches the woman in childbirth throughout the period of pregnancy, monitors the condition of the cervix. In the event that for 2-4 weeks before birth, the uterus remains immature, the gynecologist can prescribe the appropriate medications and procedures.

Preparation of the cervix for delivery can take place in several ways. All these activities should be done strictly under the supervision of a doctor:


Physical stimulation :

Excellent proved itself in the preparation of the neck for delivery of evening primrose oil. From 36 weeks, it is advised to take no more than 1 capsule per day, and from 38 weeks of pregnancy, 2 capsules.

One of the most accessible sources of prostaglandins is male seminal fluid. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, in the last weeks it is very useful to have sex without a condom.

Preparation of the perineum for childbirth

In order to avoid ruptures, it is necessary to prepare the perineum for childbirth. The perineum along which the child will move is a muscle tissue. From the elasticity of this tissue and depends on how the childbirth will flow. For this, there are a number of techniques that significantly improve the elasticity of the perineal muscles.

Here are a few of them:

Physical preparation for childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth require a woman of great physical costs. All the doctors in one voice say that the future mother would walk a lot, breathe fresh air, pay attention to physical preparation for childbirth. Exception - only women who are at risk of miscarriage.

Physical activity improves the blood circulation of the pregnant woman, improves physical endurance, develops the breathing apparatus, prevents the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms as excess weight, back pain, varicose veins, constipation, etc. Certainly, special exercises will be used to prepare for childbirth.

The best result will be when the pregnant woman is regularly attend training sessions for childbirth. In these classes, under the supervision of the trainer, you will master breathing techniques that will help to cope with the pain during labor, and also the right breathing during labor helps the faster outcome of labor without breaks. Working in a group, a woman gives herself less indulgence and more responsibly approaches to classes. Constancy is much more difficult to achieve at home, where great temptations lie on the couch and watch TV.

Timely preparation for childbirth will allow a woman not to become confused during strong battles and attempts, but to gather, calm down and help her child to appear soon.