Patties with apricots

Sweet pastry with apricot filling can be prepared in any season: so, in the cold, in the shell of the dough, you can lay apricot jam and jam, and in the season, fresh fruit is sprinkled with sugar and spices in order that they become a spicy filler. On how to make pies with apricots, we will tell in detail in the recipes below.

Patties with apricots in the oven

Perhaps, we start with the classics: lush pies on the dough with apricot filling, which are baked in the oven and keep their freshness for a few days in advance. What is not the ideal solution for a snack during a trip?



Opar for this recipe is prepared in a very unusual way: the eggs are combined with granulated sugar and dry powder of instant yeast is already filled there. The lobster is left in the heat until the foam cap appears on the surface, and then poured into a mixture of melted butter and hardly warm milk. In the finale, the syrup flow through the sieve is poured in portions and kneaded with a supple and non-sticky dough. The finished dough is divided into portions, each of them flattened with the palm and spread there pieces of apricot pulp. If the fruits are not too ripe, then you can additionally pour and pinch sugar.

Patties with apricots are prepared for about half an hour in a preheated to 175 degree oven. As the dough for this recipe turns out to be incredibly tender, it is forbidden to open the oven for the first half of the cooking time, otherwise the dough may fall off.

Patties with apricots in a frying pan

If you do not have an oven or a desire to bother with cooking baking in it, then an old good frying pan greased with vegetable oil will replace it. Patties during roasting come out very crispy from the outside, preserving the inherent pompousness of the yeast test inside.


For the test:

For filling:


Since the yeast dough for this recipe is cooked extremely quickly, we will start the recipe implementation with a filling. The filling of apricots for pies is prepared elementary: the cleared fruit pulp is cut and poured with citrus juice. Separately connect the sugar with flour and cinnamon, sprinkle with dry ingredients fruits and mix.

For a simple yeast test, it is enough to put together all the dry ingredients and pour them with warm milk. After kneading the dough, it is divided into portions and proceeds to form pies.

For roasting, it is sufficient to heat the oil in a frying pan or brazier and brown the patties in it.

Patties with apricots from puff pastry



Place the prepared layers of puff pastry to defrost, then roll them out and set the temperature of the oven at around 190 degrees. Roll the dough into squares and proceed to the pies.

Cut the fruit pulp into small pieces, sprinkle them with lemon juice and season with nutmeg and cinnamon. Sprinkle the apricots with starch so that it absorbs excess juice that is released during baking from the filling.

In the center of the square of the puff pastry, put a spoonful of cream cheese, beaten with egg and sugar. On top, distribute the apricot filling and connect both edges of the square of the puff pastry together. Bake at 210 degrees for 20 minutes.