Metal lawn fencing

Lawn fences are designed not only to delineate the site into zones, but also to give it an additional cosiness and attractive appearance. In addition, with the help of a reliable metal lawn, you can protect a certain piece of land, whether it's a lawn or a flower bed, from trampling.

Spheres of application of lawn fences

You can protect flower gardens and lawns on your own plot, but often they are used as street fences in urban conditions to allocate a certain zone, protect flower beds from infestations of children, tear flowers, and also to protect children's playgrounds located near the carriageway.

Fences used near office buildings and industrial plants are usually made of reliable materials and in accordance with the architecture and design of nearby buildings and facilities.

Options for manufacturing a metal fence

The most common are two varieties - these are welded and forged lawn fences.

Welded production is less expensive, and the resulting products have sufficient strength and reliability. For a gas fence, profile pipes of rectangular or square cross-section are used, as well as round or square metal bars.

Forged lawn fences are more decorative. Their manufacture is more expensive, because they use more expensive materials, and the process itself takes place in art workshops, where the masters of their craft work.

When buying or ordering metal fencing, you can choose parameters such as height, form complexity, color, decor, etc. Depending on these and other parameters, the weight of the fence will largely depend, which is important to take into account when transporting and preparing the foundation for the future construction.