When to collect the seeds of garlic?

Garlic is one of the most ancient cultures grown by humans. It is widely used in cooking and medicine. Winter garlic is loved by all the hostesses. It is perfectly preserved in the winter and is large in size.

It should be noted that the ordinary garlic has no seeds. What many call garlic seeds are light bulb-bulbs. They, in fact, look more like tiny cloves of garlic than the simple seeds that we are used to seeing.

When to collect the arrows of garlic for seeds?

In summer, on the stems of winter varieties , in the inflorescences, similar to the dome, bulbs are formed. In order to obtain excellent seeds of garlic, a strong tooth is selected for planting from large bulbs. Approximately in the middle of June, in the process of growth, the winter garlic will have arrows. For growing seeds, choose the largest and most powerful plants.

Initially, the arrows turn into a spiral, and after straightening straighten. Absolute straightening is performed when the harvest is fully ready for harvesting, while also gathering air bulbs and garlic heads. In early August, when it's time to collect the seeds of garlic, the dense bulb is already completely formed and the film covering them gives cracks.

Also, there is an opinion, when you can collect garlic cloves for seeds before the main cleaning.

How correctly to collect garlic seeds?

At the beginning of seed formation, it is necessary to cut off the arrows of garlic and spread it in a single layer in a darkened room with good ventilation. You need to cut off the arrows neatly, you can not tear it out, so as not to damage the plant.

After cleaning, the garlic should be dried for a few weeks. Over time, the stem will dry, and the heads need to be separated, trying not to break the bulb cups.

The indicator of maturation is the desiccation of bulbots, and the inflorescences begin to crumble. There comes a time when you can remove the arrows of garlic with seeds in a paper bag and store until planting in a room where the room temperature is maintained.

Collecting the seeds of winter garlic is useful for the restoration of planting material. If every year to use the teeth from the previous harvest, then there is a degeneration of culture, the accumulation of viruses and mutations. The use of bulbs as a seed is ideally suited for the preservation of the harvested crop, besides, it makes it possible to improve and increase the seed fund.