Masturbation of adolescents

Gaining his grown-up child for such a "shameful" and "dangerous" occupation as masturbation, many parents begin to worry, constantly monitor and intimidate the offspring, without thinking about the consequences of their behavior. And whether teenage masturbation is actually harmful, in fact, what are its causes, and how to behave properly when you learn about the "harmful" habit of a son or daughter? - Let's take an interest in the opinion of specialized specialists.

Masturbation in adolescence

Masturbation in the puberty period is a widespread phenomenon. Satisfying their sexual needs are engaged 8-9 out of ten teenagers, - note sex therapists in their studies. Also, specialists have proved that such an occupation does not entail psycho-emotional and physical disorders, except for cases when masturbation becomes pathological. That is, a teenager begins to masturbate very often, satisfaction is performed in a particularly sophisticated way, or when masturbation is given preference before a normal sexual intercourse with a partner. In other cases, the excitement of the genital organs and orgasm, achieved by mechanical stimulation of the hand, are considered to be absolutely normal and safe for young men and women at the puberty stage. Masturbation of adolescents, both boys and girls, is caused by hormonal adjustment, intense and rapid sexual development. It is known that this period of growing up is accompanied by strong emotional outbursts, stresses and experiences. Masturbating, the teenager gets a certain discharge, reduces sexual and emotional stress, moreover, so the child gets the first experience, which later will help him avoid fear and insecurity during sexual intercourse with a partner. Scientists have proved that masturbation in adolescence does not lead to various kinds of sexual dysfunctions, such as impotence in men or infertility in women, so parents should not worry, and even more intimidate the child with "horror stories" from the past.

Teenage masturbation in terms of psychology

The theory that masturbation is harmful, originates from the depths of centuries. Even in ancient times, young men who were engaged in masturbation, were outcasts in society, they were deprived of the right to create families and for life fixed the status of a loser and a weakling. It was also previously thought that masturbating guys spend their vitality and power in vain, and thus become weak and scattered. This position is firmly entrenched in society, and since in the Soviet Union "there was not even sex", so now it is difficult for many parents to reconsider and accept the fact that teenage masturbation is almost inevitable, and it is considered normal and natural phenomenon on the way of growing up child.