Hydroponics at home - greens

Did you know that once you have made an effort to create hydroponics, you can grow greens all year round at home? If you grow greens on hydroponics in a house only for family needs, then the installation itself will occupy very little space. In order to build a hydroponic plant for growing greenery, you need very little money. And the dining room itself needs only food, heat (room temperature) and a light source for growth.

General information

For many even experienced gardeners, the cultivation of greenery by the method of hydroponics is incomprehensible. By itself, the question arises, how does this greenery grow from the soil, after all, not in the same water alone? And they also think that such parsley is inferior to vegetable in the amount of vitamins and trace elements, say, where do they get from the water? But in fact, growing greens hydroponically has a number of significant advantages over grown in the garden dill and parsley. If the greens grow from the hydroponic plant, then there is no need to worry about pests and plant diseases. Also, there is no need to hone and deposit minerals into the soil. Concerning the presence of all nutrients in the hydroponic greenery, the vitamins and microminerals in it will be present in the usual volume, if you follow all the rules. Due to the fact that plants will grow in a virtually ideal environment, which in nature simply can not be, then the greenery will turn out much juicier and more useful. And you will get a harvest earlier and in a larger volume. Grown in this way, the greens will not contain harmful substances, because they usually fall into the plant from the soil. In this case, the plant will contain only those compounds that you made yourself. Now let's learn a little more about the technology of growing greenery on hydroponics.


In fact, plant roots are found in the hydroponic plant not only in water. For the active growth of the root system, it is necessary to introduce an artificial substrate into the chamber with water. They can serve as vermiculite, expanded clay minerals, large washed sand or even mineral wool. For the normal growth and nutrition of plants, it is necessary to introduce a nutrient mixture into the water, which is usually made from water-soluble mineral and organic fertilizers. We will not offer you expensive hydroponic installations. To ensure your gastronomic needs is quite enough and the simplest device. The key point in this process is the circulation of water. To provide it, we need a small pump, two pieces of a metal-plastic tube and two tanks. From the first one, the liquid will constantly be pumped into the second container, which is higher. And that water does not pour over the edge, we offer a very simple solution. One end of the pipe we bend the letter U so that the arc does not reach five centimeters to the edges of the upper container. One of the ends should be longer and descend into the lower capacity, and the second one should be placed on the very bottom of the container. The drainage of water here occurs according to the principle of a siphon. As soon as the water level in the upper tank will reach the arc of the tube, the air stopper will be squeezed out of the letter U, and the liquid will merge downward. Then the pump again pumps the top tank, and the process will be repeated. And the liquid will merge much faster than pumped with a pump. In the upper tank we recommend to fill a mixture of mineral wool and vermiculite. And it is already directly planted plants.

Here in such a simple way you can provide your family with fresh greens throughout the year!

Hydroponic method can grow different plants, including onions and strawberries .