Whether to remove adenoids to the child?

Children who are confronted with the problem of adenoids often have no other choice but to agree to surgery. After all, the treatment of this problem, unfortunately, gives a positive result only at the first stage of the disease, and even then not always. But is it possible to remove adenoids in principle, and what does this threaten the child in the future?

As you know, adenoids are an enlarged lymphoid tissue that plays the role of a kind of barrier against the penetration of infection into the body. Adenoiditis is considered to be the response of the immune system to the constant attacks of viruses and bacteria. So will not we make it worse for our children by removing adenoids?

Is it dangerous to remove adenoids to a child?

Surgery itself, with the application of general anesthesia is not difficult, if there is no hidden allergy to drugs for anesthesia. The procedure lasts for some 15-20 minutes and the child on the same day can go home. The wound quickly heals and does not worry too much. But often, the body, having lost one of the bodies responsible for immunity, re-encountering the infection, can again build up what was removed. And everything will happen again.

A safer and less traumatic procedure is the removal of adenoids by a laser. And if up to this point the parents hesitated before choosing whether or not to remove the adenoids to the child, this is the way out for them. After all, this sparing bloodless intervention does not harm the child trauma, either physically or morally.

Is there an alternative to the removal of adenoids?

For those who doubt whether it is necessary to remove the adenoids to the child, and is looking for another method of getting rid of the problem, Buteyko's breathing method will come to the rescue. In its development there is nothing difficult, but it must be followed constantly.

It should be noted that this method is not suitable for very young patients, but children from 4-5 years of age can fully master it, the main thing is that parents should not deviate from the chosen course, and then the question whether it is necessary to remove the adenoids to the child, will exhaust itself once and forever.