Low weight during pregnancy

The main theme arising during pregnancy is the weight theme. After all, the future child's health depends on him. And the small weight during pregnancy is just as undesirable as its excess.

During pregnancy, when some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity forget about all the restrictions, others still try to keep in shape. This is strictly forbidden, since a small weight during pregnancy can lead to bad consequences: constant malnutrition contributes to the threat of miscarriage, as the level of estrogen decreases. Such women have a small child, less than two and a half kilograms. And already from the first days of life the baby can have problems not only physical, but also psychological.

At the beginning of pregnancy, many women develop toxicosis. During this period the future mother not only does not gain weight, but also loses it. Experiencing is not worth it. With your baby nothing happens, his need for nutrients is small. The problem can arise in the event that the constant shortage of weight will accompany you in the last trimester of pregnancy.

So that nothing threatens you or your future baby, you should constantly exercise weight control during pregnancy. Such control should be carried out not only in medical institutions, but you yourself must constantly do this.

In order for you to somehow navigate we will show that the optimal weight for pregnancy is the following:

Normal is the addition of body weight is not more than 0, 5 kilograms per week. In the ninth month of pregnancy, this figure changes in the direction of increase.

In order to always be aware of their affairs, you will have to keep a schedule of weight during pregnancy. Weigh preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. For each woman there is a figure of adding weight. As we said above, it depends on the weight of your body before pregnancy or speaking scientifically from the body mass index. First you make a table, and then on its basis build your weight graph during pregnancy. Thanks to him, you will always see how you grow and your baby.

There is an individual way of calculating weight gain during pregnancy. For every 10 centimeters of your height, a weight gain of 22 grams is allowed. The best option is if your weight does not jump sharply up or down and is within the normal range. Its constant sharp change can lead to increased pressure.

The small weight during pregnancy can bring much more harm than its excess, we spoke about it above. If you do not gain weight for more than two weeks, or the weight is much lower than expected, contact your doctor immediately. Only in this case you will avoid many troubles.

In order for your child to be born healthy, you must always control your diet and do not forget about physical activity. Do not be afraid to get better, after the birth, everything will go into "your track". During pregnancy, the main health of the unborn child. Remember that the baby takes nutrients from the mother's blood. Means, it is necessary to eat so that nutrients would suffice for two, but there was no surplus.