What flowers are planted with seeds in the fall?

Many believe that the entire spectrum of autumn garden and garden occupations is to harvest and shelter perennials for the winter. Meanwhile, it is autumn - it's time to think about the beds and beds of the next year and lay a solid "foundation" for them in the form of preparing the soil and, if necessary, podzimnego sowing some plants.

In this article, we'll talk about planting flowers in the fall (seeds).

Autumn sowing of flower seeds

Autumn sowing of flowers will allow you to accelerate flowering next year for a couple of weeks, or even a month. Especially if in the spring you cover the sown with the foil from the autumn beds. First of all, this refers to annual flowers and vegetables.

And some plants grow better (friendly) just after a long stratification, which naturally occurs in the case of the autumn sowing of flower seeds.

It is important to consider that in the process of stratification weak seeds will die, so the consumption of seeds should be slightly higher than when sown in the heated spring soil. Watering crops is not necessary - for the germination of flowers will suffice moisture from thawed snow.

It is not necessary to seal the seeds very deep - this does not protect the frost, but in the spring the ground, which is caked in the winter, forms a rather dense crust, through which the shoots will not just break through.

Terms of planting seeds in autumn

Determine the exact timing of sowing one- and perennial flowers in the fall is not easy because of the variability and unpredictability of the weather. In addition, you should take into account the climatic characteristics of the area where you live.

In general, sowing can be done after establishing stable cold weather - so that the seeds do not sprout from heat and moisture.

For the middle band, favorable time is considered the middle of November. In northern regions, flowers are sown 1-2 weeks earlier, and in southern regions - a couple of weeks later.

However, if you did not manage to sow in this period - do not worry, you can do it later, the main thing is to have time before the time when the ground is covered by a constant snow cover. In extreme cases, it is possible to sow flowers and vegetables even in January, directly over frozen ground. Of course, in this case it is desirable that the bed is prepared (dug up and marked) in advance, since it is very difficult to make grooves in frozen soil. The main thing at the same time is to cover the beds with soil or substrate (use the mixture harvested from autumn or buy several packets of soil in the store). In addition, the beds can be insulated with dry wood shavings or needles so that the seeds do not die in the frost (although this is not necessary).

What flowers are planted with seeds in the fall?

Annuals for sowing in autumn:

Perennials for sub-winter planting: