Kolovrat - the meaning

In ancient times, the Slavs attached great importance to symbols. They were used as amulets, but also for establishing contact and manifesting respect for the gods. Kolovrat is the most famous symbol, but what it means is known to a few. We will try to restore injustice and understand the meaning and action of this sign on a person.

What does the Kolovrat mean?

This symbol is represented as a circle with bent rays in one direction. It represents the annual rotation of the solar disk and the infinity of the universe. The guardian combines the four elements and four seasons, which is exactly what is manifested in the rays of the sun, which are exactly eight. He appeared in ancient Russia. The sign of the sun was considered the most powerful, because it was the heavenly body, the Slavs called the creator of everything on earth. Our ancestors believed that the images of the Kolovrat were endowed with special energy. He was painted on the walls of the house to protect him from negative influence from outside. A drawing in the form of the sun with rays can be found on clothes, dishes, ornaments, etc. The warriors went into battle with the flags on which the Kolovrat was depicted.

Astrologers managed to determine the meaning of the symbol "Kolovrat". They found that if, using an imaginary line, to connect the Polar Star, the points of the winter, summer solstice, and the points of the autumn or spring equinox, then part of this sign is obtained. As a result, it was concluded that originally the Kolovrat was intended to be able to determine its own location at any time by the stars.

The meaning of the sign "Kolovrat" depending on the direction of the rays

The symbol may be represented with rays bent clockwise and counter-clockwise. In the Old Slavonic language, this was called salting and anti-saline. In the first case, when the rays are directed along the clockwise direction, the amulet relates to good symbols. Having such a talisman man is able to recognize the purity of thoughts and learn the essence. Such a sign is considered male. In the second case, that is, when the rays are directed against the clockwise direction, the symbol has a connection with the other world. Holders of such a talisman can reveal natural psychic abilities and other magical abilities. To a large extent, intuition also improves. Such a symbol is considered a female amulet.

The meaning of the amulet "Kolovrat"

Since ancient times, the symbol was used to make amulets. Basically, gold was used for this, which embodied the color of the sun. There are also variants of other yellow metals. For the Magi, Kolovrat was an important component of various rituals, as it favorably affects magical abilities. In general, the symbol is an amulet with enormous energy. Having such a talisman, a person can not be afraid of the evil eye and other negative influence from the side.

Slavic amulet "Kolovrat" can be represented in several forms:

  1. The sun with eight rays. Having such a guardian man, is endowed with the power of the Sunfire.
  2. Sun with six rays. This sign is also called the Perunovo wheel. Thanks to him you can get Perun's protection.
  3. The sun with four rays. This amulet is a symbol of fire on earth.

People who possess the amulet "Kolovrat", become the favorites of luck. Only good people can count on his help.

If you have purchased such a talisman , then it must be charged. To do this, hold it for a couple of hours in running water. Ideally, if you can put it in the river. Due to this the amulet will be cleaned. After this, it must be carried three times over the fire. Best if it's a fire made of wood. Carry a talisman with you for three days continuously, which will allow you to charge it with your own energy.