The Power of a Witch

People believed in the existence of witches from ancient times and at one time they were persecuted and burned at the stake. In the modern world, people with magical powers are treated with respect and some kind of fear, fearing to anger them and to call themselves to mischief. Many people are interested in how the witch's power develops, and what abilities she can possess.

A woman's magical abilities can be obtained in two ways: by inheritance and as a result of the passage of the rite and cognition of magic. The strongest are witches who have gained strength through the tribal line, as they combine the experience accumulated by generations.

How do witches rule the power?

Witches constantly improve their abilities in the ability to use magic. Each has its own individual approach for the use of force, for example, some control them using thoughts or hands, while others have different amulets from which they take energy. Every generation of witches has its source of power, which was discovered by the old witch. Many witches take strength from different plants, making them different potions and performing rituals.

Many people who have magical abilities, use different stones, which have special energy, which you can use for your benefit. Strong stones that give witches power:

  1. Black tourmaline. Use this mineral to absorb negative energy. Many witches use this kind of tourmaline to protect themselves from negative influence from the side.
  2. Amethyst. This powerful stone of a witch is used to find harmony.
  3. Moonstone. Witches use this stone to saturate with the energy of the Earth's satellite.
  4. Morion. This mineral makes it possible to increase magical abilities , and also it helps to "establish" contact with the souls of dead people.
  5. Jasper. With the help of this stone, witches can influence the destiny of man. He also energizes and acts like a charm.
  6. Agate. A wonderful guard from people who want to have a magical effect.

How to take the witch's power?

Immediately it is worth saying that this task is not simple, because each witch uses protective rituals and amulets to protect himself from attacks from the outside. There are various rituals of both white and black magic that only people with magic can master. Since many witches draw strength from some amulets or other objects, to get their strength, it is necessary to take this talisman.