Amber Hurd no longer hides her affair with Tesla owner Ilon Mask

The 31-year-old American movie star Amber Hurd, who is familiar to viewers with her roles in the tapes "Rum Diary" and "Crazy Ride", seems to have finally said goodbye to her past. Unsuccessful marriage with the movie star Johnny Depp is over, and now Amber enjoys a relationship with another man - billionaire Ilon Mask.

Amber Heard

Photo on the page Hurd in Instagram

For quite a long time fans were lost in conjecture as to what kind of relationship Ember and Ilona connect. Celebrities periodically flashed in front of the paparazzi cameras, but confirm that they had no novel possible. And now the fans of the ex-wife Depp rejoiced, because Ember shared the first joint shots with Mask. They could see how the actress and the billionaire are dining in the restaurant, and on the cheek the man can see a trace of red lipstick. As it became known a little later, the events unfolded in Australia, where Hurd flew in for the shooting in the film "Aquamen".

The first joint shot of Hurd and Mask

In addition to dinner in the restaurant, Hurd and Musk were seen on a joint walk, which did not hide their feelings for each other, constantly embracing. In addition to romantic meetings, lovers do not forget about children. So, they suggested to the guys Mask from the first union to try out an extreme attraction - descent by cable car, which ended in a hike to the Currumbin Wildlife Reserve.

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Amber does not confuse previous marriages Mask

About how the relationship between Amber and Ilon will be difficult to say yet, but it is encouraging that Musk wanted the actress even when she was married to Johnny Depp. The media repeatedly published publications that Amber and Ilon maintain relations since 2013 after the stars jointly took part in the film "The Machete Kills."

Amber Hurd and Johnny Depp

The novel between the actress and the founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX Mask, whose state analysts estimated at 12.5 billion dollars, began very sedately, without much hype and fuss. Last summer, Hurd visited the Ilona hotel in Miami, where she rested with her sister. After that, the actress was seen in the office of Mask in Los Angeles, and the billionaire, in turn, visited the beautiful woman at her home.

Ilon Mask

45-year-old Musk was married three times, with the last two on Talul Riley. Despite this, the couple still decided to divorce. From insider information it is known that the reason for this decision was Ilon's passion for Ember and Talulah's jealousy for what is happening. The fact that Mask is very seriously in love with Hurd was confirmed and the actress's father, having said such words in an interview with Grazia:

"Ilon and Ember are madly in love with each other. Their relationship was tested by various difficulties and time, and since they are still together, there is no doubt that some of them are cunning. I think that the connection between them is serious. "
Mask with his wife Talula Riley and children