Picks in kindergartens

The subject of extortion from parents in kindergartens is always topical. What is the essence of the problem, from what point of view to look at the fees from parents and what to do with them? Let's try to understand this sore subject together.

Extortion of money in kindergarten

Yes, yes, it was extortion, and how else can we call constant fences in kindergartens? What are the parents' money for? We will begin to analyze this situation from the very first days of your communication with the garden.

  1. Very often, in order to get into the kindergarten, parents have to make a certain entrance fee for their children. Agree, many parents believe that it is better to give a bribe without running and not worrying about the place. But the child is attached quietly, peacefully and quickly. But, does not this action provoke the parents of the same kindergartens themselves to such behavior. Try to complain to higher authorities, and if you can, write down your conversation on the recorder. It may very well be that the manager will have big troubles. And immediately make a reservation, if you are asked not for money, but for toys, furniture, carpet or something like that, then maybe it makes sense to think. After all, in this case, it is immediately evident that this will not go to the pocket of a resourceful aunt, but to the benefit of your own child. Unfortunately, we all know how tight it is with the financing of government agencies.
  2. Once in the kindergarten, you will come across constant charges for the office, detergents, repairs, toys, books and other attributes necessary for comfortable and fruitful children's leisure. How to deal with such extortions in the kindergarten and do we need to fight them at all? Depending on what kind of staff works in your kindergarten and dance. If you see that children play with old toys, write with cheap pens and felt-tip pens, sit on the cold floor and other unpleasant nuances, then think about it, maybe it makes sense to turn in what they ask for. After all, your child will be better. More correctly will think about how to surrender? Ask for a kindergarten account and transfer money to it, so you will not be tormented by the idea of ​​who received your contributions. If you still give money, without any supporting documents, you have every right to demand detailed reports, with the presentation of checks. The staff of the kindergarten is obliged to report to you what they went to. Although there is another option, you can also start complaining and resenting the GorPO and the prosecutor's office, but not about collecting money, but because of the lack of any benefits in the kindergarten.

Who knows, maybe in your case everything will change?