The Astral World

The Astral World is a kind of conditional place, a space where a person's soul can get to, stay there for a while, experience a lot of sensations, and then return to the physical body again, retaining full memories of all the experiences received. Exit to the astral world can be involuntary, which happens a maximum of one or two times in life, and arbitrary - i.e. arising at will of the person.

Is there an astral world?

The astral world is something that no skeptic can believe, who tend to reject everything that can not be touched. In addition, in order to achieve access to the astral world, it is necessary to find a teacher and to master the methods of entry and exit for a long time. Some of them get it in the first week, while others take several weeks. And the only way that skeptics can believe in the astral is to get into it. Although hardly anyone from the bottom decides to spend so much time on this enterprise.

And for those who admit the existence of the unknown, the astral world has long ceased to be something of the category of miracles. The astral world and its hierarchy are understood literally from the very first sessions, and each time the journey becomes more interesting and interesting.

The levels and beings of the astral world

The main thing, remember that the diversity of the astral world is limited only to what you believe or are able to believe. The space of the astral world has seven levels. They differ in different degrees of density and vibration level. The astral space of the Earth is incredibly large, and it is unlikely that you will ever get bored there.

The first level is the highest astral, the seventh - the lowest. It is connected with the astral beings, demons and secrets of this world: the higher the level, the stronger the vibrations of the creatures inhabiting it.

The lower plans are incredibly similar to our reality, but the higher you go up, the more changes you notice. Levels are divided into three categories - in the first levels 1-3, in the second - 4-6, in the third - 7th level (the realm of sin and vice, hell). In the astral, each thing is visible not from the side of a glance, but from within, from all sides at once. It does not come immediately, but with experience.

How to get into the astral world?

The question of how to enter the astral world, often rests in a banal fear. Even if you crave to know this wonderful world, you can still be afraid of some kind of moral trauma, and this feeling will not let you enter the right state and start off on a journey. But remember: if you do everything right, you can not hurt yourself. And if you have a desire, will, patience , time and place, then you will certainly master the way to the astral.

Before you enter the astral world, you need to know how strong your will is. It is necessary to learn to completely turn off thoughts. Put the clock in front of you and stop the thought process. If you can not hold on for a minute, it will be extremely difficult for you, and if you are quietly without thoughts for about 10 minutes, everything will be easy for you. Train the will to stop thinking - it's great to come in handy. A week before the planned release, do not eat meat, do not have sex, read books on esotericism and give up the worldly worries. Train stop thinking.

So, the process itself:

  1. On the day you have planned to enter the astral, provide sound and light insulation (fit earplugs and a mask on the eyes).
  2. Light the scented candles and smoking.
  3. Lie comfortably, take cover warmly - with relaxation, the body can freeze.
  4. Relax and stop all thoughts.
  5. Imagine a spark of light in the darkness and fly to it. It turns out that this is a glare on the wall, and you yourself are in the tunnel.
  6. Fly to the exit.
  7. To return, think about your body lying on the bed.

This is very simple, if you previously learned how to disable the internal dialogue. Begin the practice only with the teacher!