Intergenerational tattoo - types and features of the procedure

Permanent make-up, like other trends in cosmetology, becomes more natural. The interregional tattoo has gained popularity as an alternative to standard shooters that are out of fashion. This variant of pigmentation looks as natural and organic as possible, while simultaneously accurately emphasizing the incision and the shape of the eyes.

What is intergenerational tattooing?

The represented type of permanent implies the blockage of the resistant paint under the skin of the eyelids. The tattoo of the intermittent space is performed only along the line of growth of the hairs and near their base. Thanks to this technique, make-up looks unobtrusive and almost imperceptible, but immediately produces several positive effects:

The main thing that distinguishes the intergeneric tattoo from other types of stable pigmentation of the skin is its versatility. This cosmetic technique involves applying very thin contours that do not look like make-up. Such pigmentary make-up is combined with any shades and ink of different colors, it is relevant for many images and types of makeup.

Tattoo - filling the intermittent space

The classic version of permanent make-up is suitable for all women. The interfacial tattoo of the eye is performed mainly on the upper eyelid. It helps to "open" the view, make it more open and attractive. With this type of pigmentation, you can visually adjust the size and shape of the eyes, increase them vertically. Sometimes an intermittent tattoo of the lower eyelid is additionally applied. Such a permanent make-up is recommended for women with round eyes, who prefer to constantly bring them around the perimeter.

Intermittent tattoo with feathering

The most natural form of the described technology is almost invisible to others. The tattoo of the intermittent space with feathering is applied not with a clear, but slightly blurred line, smoothly descending to "no". Thanks to this, maximum naturalness is achieved. The hairs appear dense, dark and dense, and the eyelids are slightly underlined and symmetrical.

The master must have a high qualification to perform this tattoo of the eye - the intermittent space is clogged with a strip of the most saturated paint of minimum thickness. The surrounding areas are pigmented with a less bright color, but with a large stroke stroke. The tone should gradually turn pale from black to brown and then into solid. There are no blue or violet shades in shading.

Intermittent tattoo with arrow

This type of persistent make-up is especially suitable for lovers of liquid liner. The considered intermittent permanent make-up of the eyelids includes both clogging the space along the hair growth line, and delineating the neat arrow at the outer corner of the eye. The result is a permanent and full-featured make-up that effectively looks without additional makeup.

How do intergenerational tattooing?

The correct permanent make-up always begins with preparation. Before visiting the master, you must stop using alcohol, medicines that dilute blood and coffee within 24 hours. Intravenous tattooing of the eyelids is not recommended during menstruation. This greatly exacerbates the pain, the pigment can take a worse. After the preparations, the specialist discusses the future intergenerational tattoo with the client, specifying:


  1. The eyelids are thoroughly cleaned and treated with a local anesthetic gel.
  2. After 10-15 minutes the drug is removed from the skin, the epidermis is degreased.
  3. The master enters the selected paint into the intermittent space with a disposable needle for tattooing.
  4. After working through all areas, they are disinfected and lubricated with a healing and soothing agent.

Is it painful to make intergenerational tattooing?

The degree of discomfort depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Most women can easily tolerate intermittent permanent eye makeup, some even ticklish. The possessor of a very sensitive epidermis with closely located vessels to the surface is more difficult. In such cases, the pain is palpable and pronounced, sometimes the specialist has to interrupt the procedure briefly.

How does the intergeneric tattoo heal?

Any permanent makeup is a multiple multiple lesions of the skin. The more microscopic wounds, the longer the surface heals, so the intermittent eye tattoo with feathers is slightly worse. Rehabilitation is carried out in stages:

  1. In the first 1-2 days, the eyelids become swollen and redden. Sometimes there are hematomas. The puncture sites become wet, the syphonic is allocated.
  2. Gradually, the swelling disappears, and a saturated intermittent tattoo is covered with a dry crust. It can not be disrupted or deleted in other ways.
  3. As the skin heals (about 5 days, depending on the type of epidermis), the cakes completely dry up and fall off on their own.

Intergrowth tattoo - care after the procedure

Each master gives the woman individual recommendations for further action.

Proper care for intermittent tattooing requires compliance with such rules:

  1. The first 24 hours after manipulation, do not wet your eyelids.
  2. During the week, do not wash under very hot water, avoid visiting saunas, baths, solarium and beach.
  3. For 10 days, give up intensive training and any physical exertion, which is accompanied by an abundance of sweat.
  4. Exclude the use of aggressive hygienic cosmetics (peelings, fungi).
  5. Do not wipe the skin with alcohol solutions and herbal tinctures, do not glue the crusts with adhesive tape. It is recommended to remove the treacle carefully with a cotton disc soaked in Chlorhexidine .
  6. To accelerate the healing and prevention of infection, the master will advise a remedy for the eyes. Often used cream with panthenol, tetracycline ointment.

Intersectional tattoo - correction

In the process of skin rehabilitation part of the pigment is lost, so about a month after the procedure, you will again have to contact a specialist for permanent make-up. At this session, the master will finally restore the intermittent contour - tattoo will acquire the desired shape and color. This manipulation is much faster, painless, not as costly as the first clogging of paint.

Should I make an intergenerational tattoo?

Before registering in a beauty salon, it is important to take into account all the negative nuances and advantages of the described technique. Tattooing of the intermittent zone is a painful exercise, for the next 4-5 days the eyes will look bad, and in some situations they will also be covered with bright bruises. Pigment slowly fades, but will never disappear completely. Permanent make-up needs to be adjusted regularly to make it look neat and natural. If you want to get rid of the injected under the skin of the paint will have to perform laser resurfacing .

Intersectional tattoo has dignity. Persistent make-up helps a woman save time for applying makeup, at any time and everywhere to look well-groomed. With the help of permanent make-up, you can correct the incision and the shape of the eyes, visually make them symmetrical. Even without the use of mascara, the eyelashes will appear denser, thicker and lush, and the gaze - deeper.

Tattoo of eyelids - contraindications

This cosmetic manipulation is not suitable for all women, sometimes it should be postponed, and in other cases it will be necessary to refuse. Permanent make-up of eyelids - contraindications of a temporary nature:

Absolute contraindications to intermittent tattooing:

Intergenerational eye tattooing - consequences

If the master has high qualifications and rich experience, and the procedure was carried out correctly, no complications arise. Maximum - swelling after intermittent tattooing and redness. In rare cases, women face the following effects of permanent eyelid make-up:

How much does an intergenerational tattoo last?

The stability of the presented variant of permanent make-up is individual for each woman. What does the intergenerational tattoo look like, how bright and clear it remains in the process of "socks", depends on many factors. Life expectancy is affected by fat content and skin type, human age, intensity of metabolic processes in the body, hormonal background and other conditions. On average, inter-qualitative tattooing lasts from 1 to 5 years, but there are exceptions. Some women enjoy an accurate indelible podvodkoj to 10 years.