Nina Agdal answered her ill-wishers for the publication of frank pictures

26-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal, who became famous not only for her work in the style of nude, but also for the novel with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, quite actively maintains a page in Instagram. On her, the girl publishes her pictures, which exude sexuality and emancipation. Many fans for this idolize Agdal, but there are also those who believe that the model behaves indecently.

Nina Agdal

Nina knows how to respond in an unorthodox manner to offenders

Yesterday's morning for fans of the 26-year-old Agdal began with the fact that they saw a new picture with their favorite. The photo was posted on Nina's Instagram page and was pretty spicy. On her, the girl posed naked in sandals with high heels, lying on the bed.

A shot from Nina Agdal

Seeing such an open shot, many detractors wrote on social networks reviews of this kind of plan: "Why does a young girl publish her naked body? It seems to me that the world has gone mad! "," I do not argue that Nina is a very beautiful model, but why show off her frank parts of the body? Does she think that she will have more men from this? Normal certainly will not be, "" The photo, of course, beautiful, but very frank. I do not like to look at such pictures, because it's gone. Cover up! ", Etc.

After reading many negative reviews, Agdal decided to respond to detractors, but did it in a rather unusual way. She posted a photo on the social network that was made for the publication of Sports Illustrated last year. On it, Nina posed in a frank bustier made of yellow metal, and in swimming trunks, which was lowered quite low. Under the photo, Nina wrote these words:

"I dedicate this frame to those who think that" naked "photos are bad. For you, specially put on some clothes. Look at health! ".
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Nina constantly faces criticism of her figure

The incident with the "nude" photo is far from the first, when the bodysheymers criticize the appearance of Agdal. Most recently, on her page in Instagram, the girl published a picture in a swimsuit, which he did not like, and they called her "fat." In response to this, Nina was forced to write a post like this:

"I do not care what you think of me. I look great and I'm not going to change anything in my figure. Those who follow my creativity and life know that I do not have the ascetic physique that most of the models now have, but the sports one. This is my "highlight".