Creative haircuts for medium hair

Creative haircuts are the choice of those who like to attract attention. Today, a bright individuality is welcomed in society, and not always a person has the opportunity to declare himself to the world with the help of personal qualities, and therefore the simplest way of positioning oneself in society is the appearance. Haircut helps to set a certain mood of style and help a woman to decorate her face, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing dignity.

We choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

An important factor in choosing a haircut is to choose it according to the shape of the face. If you ignore this parameter, you can spoil your appearance.

Creative haircuts for a round face

Creative haircuts to the shoulders are ideal for girls with a round oval face. In the haircut, there must certainly be straight vertical strands framing the face in order to smooth out the roundness of the shapes.

The parting can be oblique - in this case an asymmetrical bangs fit, or straight - in this case harmoniously look haircuts without a bang with long locks.

An elongated bean with asymmetric straight strands framing the face will harmonize with a round face, narrow chin and low forehead.

Creative haircuts for a square face

Haircut creative cascade suitable for girls with a square face. Clearly outlined corners of the cheekbones need to be smoothed to soften the facial features.

The creative cascade can be with short locks on the vertex, if the face is not elongated, and for the elongated square shape a two-stage cascade is suitable.

Lay your hair so that the curls of the lower tier are twisted up, and the second - down.

For a square face, an oblique short bang with a straight line without a thinning is ideal.

Creative haircuts for a triangular face

Creative haircuts of medium length for the face, whose forehead line is much wider than the line of the lower cheekbones, should be based on the bean model.

With this face, the average length of the front side strands will be in harmony, and at the back of the head it is necessary to make a smooth transition and form a "cap".

In such a haircut, the main creative will be a bang - it can have deliberately uneven edges, which should be colored with bright colors.

Creative haircuts for an oval face

Modern creative haircuts for the classic oval face shape combine long and short strands. To ensure that such a haircut is convenient in everyday life, choose a shape that falls down itself and does not require special styling. For example, a shaven temple in combination with medium length hair will create the necessary impression of originality, but at the same time it does not require many hours of styling.

Creative haircuts for curly hair

Stylish creative haircuts should be chosen not only depending on the type of face - you need to take into account also the structure of the hair. If you have curly hair, choose a haircut that you can wear, chaotically stacking strands. These include an asymmetric bean, but it will add volume, and therefore women with large facial features, it is particularly suitable.

Universal haircut, suitable for all types of hair - with shaven temples. At the same time, with the help of a machine, a skillful master will be able to create a pattern that adds an eccentric note to the haircut. Such a haircut is easy to lay-even if you did not have the necessary tools for laying, then drying your hair naturally, you will find that the haircut has kept its shape and looks a bit sloppy, which sometimes is an indisputable plus.

Creative haircuts for straight hair

Choosing a haircut for straight hair is easy: with this structure of curls, you can create an unusual geometric haircut with even stripped strands, sharp and straight angles. The disadvantage of such haircuts is that they require an ideal smoothness of the hair, which is why it is often necessary to resort to the use of hair straighteners and ironing sprays.