Models bolero to evening dress

Different models of boleros make it possible to make the evening dress special - add prestige (if it's fur models), romantic trait (if knitted and openwork), or make a glamorous image (if the model is made of shiny fabric).

Rules for choosing a bolero under an evening dress

You need to choose a bolero, taking into account the color of the dress and the nature of the event. For example, at official ceremonies, it is better to choose laconic, simple models without decor with a long sleeve. On a friendly. An informal party can add shine and choose a translucent bolero with rhinestones.

It is desirable, but not necessary, that the bolero repeats the color of the dress - the difference in several tones will be barely noticeable, but the outfit will not look like a suit, the designer of which could not dream up and shade different details.

Types of bolero

In addition to dividing the bolero by style - with a long and short sleeve, with a fastener and without it, the bolero can be classified according to the material.

Knitted Bolero Models

Knitted bolero to the evening dress looks laced, simple, and at the same time interesting. Knitted models with a long sleeves look less attractive than with a short one - after all, the bolero is a symbolic cape on the shoulders, especially if the knitting pattern involves large gaps that will not warm if necessary.

Bolero models from fabric

Tissue bolero will help create a formal outfit for formal events, as they are not as informal as knitted or fur models. But at the same time, a translucent shiny fabric will complement any cocktail dress for a party in the circle of friends.

Fur style bolero

Fur boleros emphasize the status of the lady, and therefore they are called for celebrations in which the demonstration of natural or artificial fur is relevant. Very often the white fur bolero is used for the bride's attire, the wedding of which takes place in cold weather - in winter or in autumn.