30-year-old Ashley Olsen romance with an elderly artist

The age of 30-year-old Ashley Olsen knights is growing! Most recently, the actress, who became a designer, broke up with the 49-year-old filmmaker Bennett Miller and got herself a new boyfriend who is 10 years older than the previous boyfriend.

Away for 40

Ashley Olsen is not used to relationships with mature men, for several years she met Bennett Miller, her eldest for 19 years. In July, the author of The Fox Hunter left his young girlfriend and twisted the novel with his same-name actress Sienna Miller.

Olsen did not shed tears and quickly found herself a new gentleman. The fans sincerely hoped that the girl's choice would be a worthy guy, but they could not even think that she would pay attention to a man who would be suitable for her as a father, and in appearance as a grandfather.

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Muse for the artist

The other day, a petite Ashley met in a New York restaurant with a close friend of rapper Kanye West, the 59-year-old artist George Condo. Their meeting, according to eyewitnesses, was not businesslike. They behaved like a couple in love: they were gesticulating and holding hands.

By the way, Ashley and George met last year. Sisters Olsen asked a famous contemporary artist to decorate the facade of their boutique The Row.