How to tame a rabbit to the toilet?

Watching how your beloved rabbit cope with poverty everywhere, you begin to doubt his cleanliness. But do not, in fact it is a very neat animal, it just needs to be accustomed to it. In nature, living in a burrow, rabbits never scold it, but do it when they leave their "house".

How to teach a decorative rabbit to the toilet?

The toilet for the rabbit is purchased, it remains to be reserved for patience and to teach him to go there. Up to three months to teach the rabbit to walk on the tray is almost useless. A good and fast result can be obtained from castrated rabbits. Such rabbits, living on their territory, do not need its mark. They are calm, balanced and do not feel the need to prove their leadership.

Starting to accustom your pet to the tray, carefully observe him and try to figure out exactly which reason is an obstacle for him to walk on the potty. And they can be different:

  1. The home of a rabbit . If you have allocated a very small area, then all your attempts at accustoming to the tray can be futile.
  2. Wrong tray . It can be small or quite uncomfortable. A good option - a cat's tray , perhaps a corner.
  3. Filler . If your friend does not like the filler, he will not go to the tray for any "mugs". The most optimal variant of the filler is wood pellets, which absorb moisture and retain odor. And do not pour it around the enclosure, only in the tray.
  4. Place for the tray . It should be located near the feeding bowl, tk. rabbits eat and cope with poverty almost simultaneously.

At the first stages of training, while walking the rabbit, do not lose sight of it and do not allow to walk through all your rooms. Give him a small area. When he understands the purpose of the tray, then gradually increase the space for walking.

Do not rely on the independence of your little animal, help it daily, but be patient and persevering.