How to make a house of paper - a hobby for children

A small cozy house is easy to make of colored paper. Children will be able to play with it, placing inside the toy people or little animals.

How to make a house of paper with your own hands - master class

To make a house we will need:

Operating procedure

  1. Cut out the blanks for a house made of plain paper in a cage. We will need:
Paper house - template for carving
  • We put the workpiece on the wall of the house on a yellow paper, circle it and cut it out.
  • From brown paper, we cut three windows, one attic window and two door parts. From the blue paper, we cut out six rectangular glass windows and one glass for the attic window. From the yellow paper, cut out the handle for the door.
  • From red paper, we will cut out the roof for the house.
  • The roof will be folded twice and straightened.
  • On one wall, cut the door and bend it.
  • To the door from two sides we glue the brown parts.
  • For each brown part of the window, we glue two glasses together.
  • To the attic window, too, glue a blue glass.
  • To the wall with the door we glue the usual window, and above it we glue an attic window.
  • We will glue two windows to the other wall.
  • On each wall, bend the valves, designed for gluing the parts.
  • We glue the walls together.
  • We glue the handle to the door.
  • On the roof, we cut two opposite edges with figured scissors.
  • We will glue the roof to the house.
  • The volumetric house of paper is ready. If desired, you can make a house of a larger size, for this you need to increase the pattern, keeping the proportions, and instead of paper, use cardboard.
  • From paper, you can make other crafts, such as a cat or chicken .