Su-kind is a special cooking technology that can turn all your old ideas about healthy and delicious food. Originally it appeared in restaurants, but today it is fully available to housewives at home kitchens. So, what is the essence of the technology of su-kind?

The su-type method is the essence and technology

The essence of the method is quite simple. The product is sealed in a plastic bag before preparation, from which air is then evacuated, ie a complete vacuum is created, and then it is prepared at a constant temperature of no higher than 70 ° C.

If such a temperature is observed for su-kind, the products are cooked extremely delicately, and the temperature inside and on the surface is the same. You do not really burn anything and do not dry. On the contrary, due to the low processing temperature, the dishes are much juicier and more aromatic.

Even the toughest meat, cooked using the technology of su-kind, will turn out to be divinely soft and tasty without extinguishing and boiling, as it will convert the muscle collagen into gelatin.

Vegetables, cooked in this way, on the contrary, remain fresh and crunchy in texture, which can not be achieved with conventional cooking.

Su-type in the home

The beauty of the method is that the cooked product can be cleaned in the refrigerator and, if necessary, quickly heated and fed. This is very convenient not only in restaurants, but also at home.

For cooking this way, you need a household vacuum . Although at first you can do without it, using food film or a package in a zip-lock.

It is more important to have a thermostat on hand, since the sy-type method assumes constant monitoring of the temperature of the water in which you are cooking. You can use a thermometer for meat instead of a special device - an error of 1 degree is permissible.

If you have a multivark, this is a huge plus for you, since cooking in it dishes using the technology of su-kind in the home is the most affordable. If the multivark is not available, you can use ordinary pots.

To do this, you need to take a product, for example, fish or meat, grate it with spices, pack it in a film and put it in a pan with water preheated to the desired temperature. To prevent the package from popping up, press it down and bring it to the ready. For fish it is enough 12-15 minutes at a temperature of 60-70 degrees, for meat - 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 55 degrees.

To keep the pan at a constant temperature, put it on a weak fire with a dissector or in an oven with the desired temperature. Always check the temperature, first often, then every 5-10 minutes. To adjust the temperature, keep a kettle of water and ice under hand.

Su-type equipment

Speaking of su-kind, it must be said that this is not only technology, but also a special professional home appliances. Such equipment can be found in almost every respected restaurant. Its advantage is that it does not prepare a whole dish, but only individual ingredients that can later be used for various dishes.

The process of cooking on such equipment cooks called slow cook, that is, slow cooking. So, without haste and extra effort, you can get delicious ready-made products - juicy meat with a unique structure, incredibly tasty vegetables and so on.

Disadvantages of Su-type technology

With the su-type method, you do not teach a ruddy crust on your dishes. Since for its appearance the processing temperature should be much higher - about 154 degrees. And to give the dish an appetizing roasted kind, it will be necessary to fry the product in addition.

When you cook at a temperature of 52 ° C, the process can take up to 4 hours. In addition, there is a risk of development of pathogens of botulism, which perfectly feel in such conditions. Therefore, it is better for meat to choose a higher cooking temperature.

The implementation of the method in the form that is used in restaurants requires special devices - vacuum, thermostat and so on. Without them, the process must be constantly monitored on its own, that is not to leave the plate for a long time. And the result may still not be effective enough.