Cookware for a microwave oven - which one should I choose?

Microwave oven has long "settled" in the kitchen of many housewives, as it is convenient to use, both for cooking and for warming up numerous dishes. There are several rules concerning the use of this technique, for example, it is important to know what kind of dishware for a microwave oven is suitable and which one is not.

What kind of dishes can be put in a microwave oven?

It is important to take into account that some materials can not be used in a microwave oven, as this can cause a fire or breakdown of equipment. For those who are interested in what kind of dishes to use in the microwave, there are important precautions that should be taken into account:

  1. Choose kitchen utensils that will not touch the walls of the device.
  2. If there are sparks during cooking, immediately turn off the equipment, get the dishes and do not use it in the microwave any more.
  3. Do not allow temperature changes, otherwise the container may burst, that is, you can not put in the dishes the length of the microwave oven immediately after it was taken out of the refrigerator.
  4. It is forbidden to cook and reheat food in hermetically sealed containers.

There is a special marking of dishes for a microwave oven, which is worth paying attention to. If the products are approved for use in microwave, then they will show a square with waves. Some manufacturers use the microwave oven icon. In addition, experienced housewives recommend choosing even the shape of cooking containers, since in the square and rectangular versions the food often fades or burns in the corners.

More often for a microwave oven utensils from heat-resistant glass, refractory plastic, ceramics and clay are used, but there is still a certain list of materials that can be used in such technique:

  1. Polyethylene. Bought in packages, food can be sent to the microwave, but just keep in mind that the pre-film must be pierced in several places to let in air, otherwise the package will explode.
  2. Paper. It is allowed to use foam plastic cups and pallets, cardboard products and parchment paper. But you can not put oil and fat products in them and the containers themselves should not be oiled and have a wax coating.
  3. The cloth. Want to make dried bread more airy and tasty, then warm it up by wrapping it in cotton or linen napkins.
  4. Bamboo. The novelty is the ecological plates made of bamboo, and still there is an edible dish made from starch, sugar cane and water. Under normal conditions, they decompose for 180 days, and in the water they will not be in a couple of days. When heated, such materials do not emit harmful substances and do not absorb odors and juices.

Glassware for microwave oven

Containers made of thick-walled heat-resistant glass are very popular. Specialists call this dish the most suitable for microwave. From the glass dishes for the microwave is good for letting the waves, it's easy to take care of, and you can also put it in the oven and cook on a gas stove. Glass containers are suitable for different dishes, as the baking takes place evenly. Note that light glassware is not allowed in the microwave, because they are made from a low-melting material.

Plastic cookware for microwave oven

Very popular are different containers of plastic. They are light and practical, but not all options are allowed for use in microwave. Check that the plastic dishes for the microwave oven have a special marking, and the material itself was refractory. Food in such containers can be immediately put in microwave after the refrigerator. It is important to consider that plastic dishes for a microwave oven can be deformed if fatty or sweet food warms above the allowed level, so it is better not to cook and not to heat such dishes in plastic.

Ceramic cookware in microwave oven

In their properties are similar pots of ceramics, porcelain and faience, which can be safely used in microwave. There is only one important condition - there should be no patterns or drawings painted with metal particles on the dishes. Ceramic products pass the waves worse than a pan for a microwave oven made of glass and are heated, but they perform the task well. Before using ceramic containers, be sure to inspect them so that there are no cracks, otherwise they can fall apart into pieces.

Pottery in the microwave oven

Many people prefer to cook in a pot of clay, believing that it dishes are more flavorful and baked. It is also suitable for use in microwave ovens. When deciding how to choose dishes for a microwave oven, it is necessary to specify that on products made of clay there should be no paint coatings that can catch fire during cooking. Another important point - products made of clay are heated in a microwave oven, so you need to be cautious during cooking. Proceeding from this, it is worth considering that cooking and warming up food will have to spend more time.

What kind of dishes can not be put in a microwave oven?

There is a certain list of dishes that can not be used in a microwave oven:

  1. Containers made of porcelain or glass, on the surface of which there is a picture. To a greater extent, this applies to ornaments made with gold paint. Do not take risks, even if the pattern is worn out. If you do not take into account this rule, then such dishes will sparkle.
  2. Crystal products are not suitable for a microwave oven, because it contains lead, silver and other metals. In addition, faceted products have a different thickness, which can cause cracks and chips.
  3. Metal dishes in the microwave can not be used, because the waves do not pass through the metal, and the products will not heat up. In addition, the appearance of strong spark discharges, dangerous for technology.
  4. Not suitable for microwave oven disposable tableware, ceramics, covered with glaze and aluminum molds used in the oven.