How to cook steak?

The ability to cook a perfect steak is considered basic for any cook, cooking skills which go beyond the amateur. In general, a steak can be called a simple dish, but any such dish should always be cooked irreproachably, for that it is simple. So, beforehand take care of buying a quality piece of beef and a frying pan with thick walls, and only then go on to parsing how to cook a steak, based on our recipes.

How to cook a steak from the flank?

Choosing meat for steak, we often focus not on its quality, but on its value, which is why flap often appears on our tables as one of the most accessible and delicious slices. Turn the flank into a delicious steak and further we are going to tell how to do it.



As you managed to notice, the marinade for our steak is elementary simple. As a rule, it is due to the simplicity of the mixture for marinating and it is possible to emphasize the natural taste of quality meat, and therefore before cooking a steak in a frying pan, it should be marinated.

We combine oil, crushed rosemary sprigs and vinegar together. We rub the meat with a good pinch of salt on both sides, and then immerse it in a marinade. Give the veal to lie down in the marinade for about 6-8 hours and start cooking.

The main key to a juicy steak is the right cooking time, the boundaries of which can only be determined by you, since it depends on the thickness of the piece. On average, a thin slice of the flank is fried for 2-3 minutes on each side (certainly on a hot surface!) To achieve a degree of roasting medium rare.

How to cook steak on a grill?

The most tender beef steak is obtained from the cut "fillet mignon", that is, beef tenderloin, divided into medallions. Each such piece is beautiful, being cooked by yourself, along with a fragrant butter or with a wrapper of strips of bacon.



Before cooking, be sure to leave the meat at room temperature for a couple of hours. In a frying pan, melt half the butter and use it to mushrooms. The remaining half of the butter is also melted and combined with marsala and fatty cream. Let the sauce paw to thicken, and then season it with sea salt and combine it with mushrooms.

Wrap the fillet with culinary twine around the perimeter so that the meat does not lose shape during roasting. Generously season medallions with salt and freshly ground pepper, and then arrange to grill on the grill for 5-6 minutes on each side. Remove the twine and serve medallions with cream sauce.

How to cook juicy steak?

Another pledge of juicy meat - preliminary bringing it to room temperature before the start roasting, this process will ensure a uniform roasting and preservation of all natural meat juices.



Add the meat of room temperature and fry in a hot frying pan for 4-5 minutes on each side. On the burner, burn the chili peppers, and remove the blackened skin. In a blender, beat the walls of chilli with cilantro, cream and lime juice, then heat the sauce over low heat and serve to the meat.