How many calories are burned while swimming?

For someone, swimming is a way to build a sporting career, and for someone - just a way of spending time at leisure on the sea or the river. Of course, the energy consumption in these cases is significantly different. If a professional athlete burns a lot of calories, the amateur swimmer is several times less, and the one who just flounder in the water at the shore - and even less. From this article you will learn how many calories are burned when swimming different types.

What does the expenditure of calories depend on when swimming?

The cost of calories while swimming is not the same for everyone and not in any situation. There are factors that affect the level of energy consumption:

  1. Water temperature . The lower it is, the more energy the body spends on heating, and the more effective it is for swimming to lose weight.
  2. Style swimming . If you are swimming with a breaststroke or a crochet, you will spend more energy than if you are bullied "dog-like" or even with an inflatable circle.
  3. Your weight . The greater the weight of a person, the more energy the organism spends on movement. In other words, a person weighing 80 kg will burn, with other things being equal, more calories than a man weighing 50 kg.
  4. Time . Of course, the longer you swim, the more you burn calories. Try to swim for at least 20 minutes - this will allow more efficient use of energy.

Given all this, we can say with confidence that the loss of calories during swimming is very individual. However, some general figures can still be cited, but it should be borne in mind that this is an average indicator.

How many calories does the swimming burn?

We will calculate the average values ‚Äč‚Äčthat take into account the usual water temperature and human weight of about 65 kg. With different types of swimming there will be such a flow for half an hour:

If you swim for more than half an hour, the flow will be higher, if less - then lower. As it is easy to see, swimming with professional styles is much more effective: it not only allows you to burn more calories , but also better, harmoniously develops the body and strengthens health. Regularly engaged in swimming, it is very easy to put yourself in order.