Furunculosis - Causes and Treatment

Furunculosis is a disease of an infectious and inflammatory nature, in which multiple formation on the skin and mucous membranes of furuncles - painful purulent-necrotic pustules is observed. Furuncles occur due to inflammation of the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and surrounding tissues with the penetration of pyogenic bacteria (most often the causative agent is golden or white staphylococcus).

Forms of furunculosis

Isolate furunculosis local, which affects the limited area of ​​the body. For example, in many cases multiple furuncles appear on the neck, face, forearms, buttocks, lower back. Also, furunculosis can be common when inflammatory elements are simultaneously formed in several parts of the body. In addition, there are two forms of furunculosis:

  1. Acute - with the rash formed within a short period and accompanied by an increase in body temperature, headache, general weakness.
  2. Chronic - the disease is characterized by periodic exacerbations and periods of remission.

Consider what causes the development of furunculosis on the face and other parts of the body, what treatment is required to get rid of this pathology.

Causes of furunculosis

The penetration of infection into the hair follicles followed by the formation of boils in a restricted area of ​​the body can occur as a result of the following factors:

As already mentioned, staphylococci are the main pathogens of the infectious process in cases of furunculosis. These bacteria in a small amount are constantly present on the skin of most people, and in the normal state of the immune system can not cause disease. Under the influence of various factors, the pathogenic microflora is activated, its amount rises sharply, which causes the formation of inflammatory elements. Common furunculosis develops due to a significant decrease in immune defense caused by various diseases:

Also furunculosis can be provoked by a prolonged intake of corticosteroids or antibiotics, hypovitaminosis, chronic intoxication, unhealthy diet.

Treatment of furunculosis

Regardless of the cause and location of furunculosis, it is not recommended to carry out treatment at home, folk remedies without consulting a doctor. Inadequate therapy can lead to the spread of infection, the formation of phlegmon, the chronization of the process.

Treatment of the disease includes local and general measures aimed at eliminating the causative agent of the infection, removing symptoms and preventing the development of complications. Because the main provocative cause is bacterial flora, furunculosis is treated with antibiotics (external ointments and creams, systemic drugs). External anesthetics are also used, with a pronounced pain - painkillers, vitamins and immunomodulators to strengthen the defenses of the body. Physiotherapeutic procedures may also be prescribed: UV irradiation, UHF therapy, etc.

During the treatment period, contact of affected areas with water should be limited, and hygiene rules should be carefully observed. It is recommended to stick to a low-carb diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and take a sufficient amount of liquid. For the prevention of furunculosis, it is necessary to handle the injured parts of the skin in a timely manner, avoid supercooling of the skin and its maceration.