Exercises on a horizontal bar for beginners

Not every girl decides to master a horizontal bar. One seems uncomfortable that it is located on the street - but in this case you can always buy a crossbar and your own home. Others remember men with bumpy muscles, and argue that they just do not want to look like an inflated "tourniquant". In fact, the body of a woman is not designed in the same way as the body of a man, and active growth of muscles should not be feared. Doing exercises on the horizontal bar for beginners, you simply bring the body into a tonus, make your figure more perfect and gain an unprecedented dexterity and strength.

Exercises on the bar for girls

It is generally believed that the basic exercises on the bar for men are all kinds of pull-ups. The female complex is somewhat different, because the goals here are different - not to break the muscles of the shoulders and hands, but to tone the whole body and become more slender, smart and graceful. However, this does not cancel and pull-ups - it's this exercise that lifts the chest and gives it a more beautiful shape.

It is important to understand that not everyone has such basic training, which will immediately pull up 20 times. Do not ask yourself the impossible and treat yourself sparing - in this case, you will not be disappointed and do not give up classes after the first setbacks.

So, for example, you should choose to start a low horizontal bar, for which you can hold a slightly bent hands when standing on the floor. It is not necessary to consider that if the bar is located at the level of the head, there will be no sense from it - this height is quite enough to start developing the pectoral muscles.

It is worth mentioning separately about the exercise, which is good for men, but not recommended for women. It is the bending of straight legs in different directions. This exercise helps to expand the waist by pumping the lateral muscles, so the girls should be avoided. Otherwise, the exercises on the bar for women do not differ much from men's. You can perform any complexes that you like and will meet your requirements - this will help you to become smart, athletic and beautiful!

Easy exercises on a horizontal bar

If for the first time in your life you come to a horizontal bar, do not immediately strive to break records and perform the most difficult acrobatic stunts. To begin with, use simple techniques that will gradually develop your strength, and give you the opportunity to move on to complex exercises on the bar.

  1. Start with a simple fence on the crossbar. It is better to perform it for 20-40 seconds in 3-5 approaches. Time must be increased gradually.
  2. Next, go to the embassy with a deflection in the back - this is an excellent exercise for the hands, thighs, buttocks.
  3. From the same classical style, try to slowly swing back and forth. Next, when rocking forward, try pulling your knees to your chest. This is a complex exercise for the feet and the press.
  4. Every girl wants to have a beautiful, well-tucked tummy. For this, there is a relatively simple and useful exercise on the horizontal bar "corner". Perform a classic hang on the crossbar, and from this position, raise your straight legs to yourself. Probably, for the beginning it will be easier for you to lift them with bent ones.
  5. Try to pull yourself up - for starters, you can do it with a back grip, that is, palms on yourself. Do not despair if you can not tear yourself away from the earth - just keep trying, and one day you will succeed. When you pull up and your arms are maximally bent, mentally count to 2 or 3, and only then drop to the ground - best of all slowly, not jerky.

These simple and effective exercises on the bar will help you to get the initial physical training and beautiful figure.

Below is a video that shows what a girl can achieve by regularly practicing on a horizontal bar.