Exercise the frog

Today, there is a huge number of exercises aimed at working out different muscle groups. Our attention is drawn to the exercise frog for the buttocks, legs and the press. Various variations of the exercise allow you to work out several muscle groups at once, the main thing is to know the technique of execution taking into account all the nuances.

Exercise frog for stretching

Girls who want to become owners of slender legs, should pay attention to exercises for stretching. "Frog" will in addition improve posture , strengthen the press and leg muscles. In addition, stretching positively affects the health, reducing the risk of genitourinary system diseases.

How to do the frog exercise for stretching the legs:

  1. Arrange on all fours and begin to move the knees apart until there is a right angle between the thigh and the shin. The pubic bone should be perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Slowly move the pelvis back and lower your forearms to the floor. In the back should be the maximum deflection.
  3. Fix the position for half a minute and return to the PI, and then, repeat the exercise several times.

To strengthen the stretching, you can connect the soles of the soles to each other. At first it will be difficult to keep them next to each other, so you can ask the assistant to hold the feet.

Exercise frog for the press

This exercise is effective and with its help for a short time you can get rid of ugly folds on the abdomen, bring the muscles into tone and, if desired, achieve relief. Exercise frog uses all the muscles of the abdomen at once, but the greatest load is still on the straight muscle. Perform the exercise is in three approaches, doing 20-30 repetitions. To get the result, after each approach the press should burn.

How to perform a frog exercise:

  1. Take a horizontal position, stretching your legs forward. Bend the legs in the knees, and then, dilute them in the sides, with the feet should be connected to each other.
  2. Pull your feet to your feet, as hard as possible, so that your legs eventually form a rhombus. Hands crossed on the forearms, so they do not interfere.
  3. Keep the lower back pressed to the floor. Exhaling, perform twisting, lifting the upper body. Lock the position.
  4. Inhale, slowly return to the IP. Make the necessary number of repetitions.

If you want to increase the load on the internal and external oblique muscles , then during the twisting, make a turn of the body, then one way, then the other.