Exercise bar - benefit and harm

A huge number of people dream of a beautiful and tightened body, but at the same time to spend time on the implementation of long and complex complexes do not want to. It is for such people, probably, and was invented a static exercise for the whole body of the bar, which can be performed anywhere and anytime. It is used in many ways, for example, in pilates, yoga and other fitness areas.

Benefit and harm exercise bar

To make sure that this exercise is very effective, it is enough just to look at the effect that can be obtained with regular execution. It is proved that statics allows you to load even the deepest muscles, forcing them to work actively. If you are interested in what muscles are involved in the exercise bar, then be prepared to be surprised, because the list is large enough, for example, from the first seconds the muscles of the legs, torso, forearms, press and hands are included in the work. With regular exercise, you can strengthen the deltas, lumbar muscles, biceps, triceps, and also the muscles of the back, legs and buttocks. If experienced trainers have to ask what an exercise bar is for, they will answer that for the whole body, but first of all, it is an excellent opportunity to pump the press without much effort, since the straight, oblique and lateral abdominal muscles get a good load. This exercise in a short time will allow you to see significant changes in the body, but only if you perform it correctly.

Finding out what an exercise bar is useful for a woman, it's impossible to miss such a moment that it helps to improve posture and strengthen the spine, which is very important for the fair sex. Experts argue that the bar in the bar is a good prevention of osteoporosis and other problems with the spine, and this problem is quite relevant, given the fact that many lead a sedentary lifestyle.

As for the harm from doing the bar, this exercise is considered almost harmless and can be performed by many, but there are some contraindications. You can not do this exercise if you have problems with the joints of the hands, elbows, shoulders and feet. The ban is also an exacerbation of chronic diseases and increased blood pressure. Contraindicated bar with hernia and spinal injuries. If there is discomfort during the exercise, then you need to see a doctor to get advice. It is also worth mentioning that the damage rack in the bar can cause in the event that doing it wrong.

How to perform an exercise bar - instruction with a photo

There are several options for doing this exercise, but we'll start with the base. The starting position is the emphasis lying, and the arms should be bent at the elbows and the emphasis should be on the forearms. By the way, elbows should be placed under the shoulders and if you do not observe this rule, then an additional load will be created on the joints and muscles of the shoulders. Legs do not need to be widely placed, it is enough to observe the distance, like the width of the shoulders. It is important to note that the closer you put your feet to each other, the greater the load the muscles of the press will receive. Do not bend knees. The most important point - the body should form a straight line without the sagging of the waist. Many make the mistake of sticking out their buttocks, but it's by no means impossible. The pelvis needs to be twisted forward, which will allow you to shift the tension to the muscles of the press. To avoid deviations from a straight line, it is necessary to keep the body in tension. Beginners keep the bar is not more than 20 seconds, and then, the time should be periodically increased. Perform an exercise better in several approaches.