Drops of Morozov - how to prepare and correctly apply the medicine?

Overexertion and fatigue have a negative effect on sleep and mood. Sedatives help to cope with stress. In standard cases it is recommended to use natural medicines based on herbs, for example, Morozov's solution. It is a mild sedative, with a minimum of side effects and contraindications.

Drops of Morozov - composition

Officially described medicine is prepared in pharmacies and is given only on the advice of a doctor. This is due to one ingredient that contains Morozov's tincture, the composition includes Dimedrol. It is dispensed solely on prescription because of narcotic effect (when used in large dosages). Full composition of Morozov drops:

Ingredients of the drug do not affect the intensity of processes in the cerebral cortex, so the intellectual abilities and the speed of reactions do not change. The pharmacological action of each component includes:

Drops of Morozov - indications for use

All components of the drug individually have sedative properties, soothe the nervous system, normalize sleep and reduce blood pressure. Drops of Morozov are characterized by similar qualities. Due to the mutual action of the active ingredients, their effects are enhanced and more pronounced. Drops of Morozov readings are as follows:

Drops of Morozov - side effects

The presented agent is based on plant components, so it is well tolerated. Drops of Morozov side effects are extremely rare, mainly when the recommended dosage is exceeded, they include:

Drops of Morozov - contraindications

Most of the ingredients of the solution in question have practically no contraindications. Morozov tincture is often prepared at home and does not contain Diphenhydramine, so it is approved for use even by people who can not use this drug. The only strict contraindication to the medication is the intolerance of any component of the drug, including ethyl alcohol. With care, Morozov drops are prescribed to pregnant and lactating women, it is better to consult a therapist beforehand. Children under the age of 14 are undesirable to give a solution.

How to make Morozov drops at home?

Natural sedative can be made on your own, it takes only 5 minutes and will be very cheap. The only thing that distinguishes the pharmacy and home drops of Morozov - the prescription in the second case does not contain Diphenhydramine. This does not affect the sedative properties of the drug, it just acts a little slower and softer. The first option, how to prepare a drop of Morozov, is considered simple, you need to mix 25 ml of the following tinctures:

The second way, how to make Morozov's drops at home, includes an additional ingredient - a tincture of a deviant peony. It is a good sedative drug, which helps to get rid of insomnia. In this case, the proportions of tinctures vary:

Drops of Morozov - application

Given the content of ethyl alcohol in this medication, it is recommended to take it after a meal or a light snack. Before you drink Morozov drops, you need to dilute them with clean boiled water at room temperature. Standard proportions - 50 ml of liquid for every 20-25 drops of the drug. If the solution is taken for the first time, it is better to use the minimum amount of the drug to check the tolerability and response of the body to the solution components.

Drops of Morozov - dosage

A single dose of the drug depends on the purpose of therapy. The daily number of receptions is 1-3 times. Drops of Morozov - how many drops to drink:

How long can you take Morozov drops?

Even completely natural medicines can not be used at all times, this can lead to allergic reactions and addiction to the active substances. Drops (mixture) of Morozov is recommended to drink no more than 2 weeks in a row. After the course of treatment, a long break should be made, about 1.5-2 months. Before taking Morozov drops again, it is advisable to consult a doctor. If there is a need for a constant use of sedatives, it is better to choose a more potent remedy.

Drops of Morozov - analog

Alternatively, any of the components of the described solution can be used separately. Also, Morozov's infusion is easily replaced by other herbal medicines with a sedative and hypnotic effect: