Chamomile oil - secrets of use, which you will be interested to know

Chamomile oil is an elixir of youth, beauty and health. It is very popular. Increased interest in chamomile oil is not surprising, because this product has a huge variety of useful properties. However, before using it, you should carefully read the contraindications for use.

Chamomile oil - properties

The use of this product depends largely on its chemical composition. Camomile oil contains the following components:

Chamomile essential oil

Get this remedy from the inflorescences of the medicinal plant. The best is what is extracted from the German chamomile during its flowering period. It has a rich blue color and a viscous texture. In addition, chamomile oil differs in its peculiar aroma. It does not look like the smell of the medicinal plant from which it is extracted. The fragrance is multifaceted: it contains hints of hay, tobacco, spices and fruits.

By the shade of this product can be judged on when it was manufactured. Fresh chamomile essential oil differs in a dark tone. When stored, it acquires emerald, and after the brown color. Before buying this aromatic oil, it is important to "enlighten" it to check the shade. In industrial conditions, this drug is obtained by distilling the feedstock with steam. This process takes from 7 to 12 hours.

Chamomile essential oil properties and application is multifaceted. It has the following actions:

The properties of chamomile essential oil are versatile. It is capable of:

Cosmetic camomile oil

This product is obtained by extracting inflorescences of the medicinal plant. Cosmetic oil of medicinal chamomile is a fluid of light yellow color. He has a delicate aroma with light apple notes. Chamomile oil properties and application has the following:

How to make chamomile oil at home?

To see the healing properties of this drug, it can be purchased at the pharmacy or done by yourself. There are two ways to make this wonderful tool: hot and cold. And in the first, and in the second case, 2 parts of olive oil are taken for 1 part of the inflorescence of chemist's chamomile. The preparation process is simple and does not require special skills.

Here's how to make chamomile oil at home in a cold way:

  1. Inflorescences of medicinal plants are covered in a glass container, poured with oil and cover the dishes with a lid.
  2. The mixture is insisted for two weeks in a shady cool place, periodically shaking the contents.
  3. The oil is filtered and poured into a small vial. Such a drug retains its original properties for a year.

Here's how to prepare an elixir from chamomile flowers by the hot method:

  1. Inflorescences are poured with oil and put the container on a water bath.
  2. The mixture was heat treated for 20 minutes.
  3. Clean the dishes with a water bath and allow the drug to cool.
  4. Elixir insists 15 days in a shady place, and then filter and pour into a small bottle.

Camomile oil - application

This drug has a wide range of uses. Camomile oil application has in everyday life, in cosmetology and in folk medicine. It can be used both in its pure form and as one of the components of miraculous cocktails. However, before using it, you should carefully consider contraindications. Oil from the inflorescence of chamomile is not recommended for the following persons:

Camomile oil for face

This tool can be used in its pure form. For example, it is dotted on problem areas of the skin. In addition, pure chamomile oil for the face can be used in the form of appliqu├ęs. Such lotions are made with flabbiness of the skin, wrinkles and other cosmetic defects. It is also possible to enrich the essential oil cream, lotion or tonic. The maximum recommended dosage is 5 drops per disposable portion of the product. Another chamomile oil for skin can be present in self-made face care products. For example, it is added to a cream, scrub or mask.

Chamomile oil for hair

It can be used in various ways. Pure cosmetic oil is slightly heated in a water bath, applied to strands and a plastic bag is put on top and the head is wrapped with a towel. Such masks can be done at night. In addition, etheric camomile oil for hair can be used. In this case, the fragrance (5 drops) is added to the shampoo or balm. The same elixir can be used in the preparation of individual masks for strands.

Camomile oil in gynecology

When treating women's ailments, this "drug" can be used in various ways:

  1. To strengthen the defenses of the body, it is prescribed inward by 1 drop twice a day with honey or chopped dried apricots. Drink this therapeutic "cocktail" followed by warm milk or water.
  2. When erect cervix and thrush put tampons soaked with aloe juice (1 tablespoon) and aromatic chamomile oil (2-3 drops). The recommended duration of treatment is 10 procedures. Put tampons should be at night.
  3. In case of inflammation it is recommended to syringe with a solution prepared from 500 ml of cooled boiled water and 5 drops of aromatic agent. In addition, you can make sessile baths. For this purpose, chamomile essential oil (from 3 to 5 drops) is added to warm water.