Diarrhea in a child - the main causes, treatment

Any mother in her practice occasionally encounters such a nuisance as a child's diarrhea. Sometimes this is a short-term phenomenon that does not require treatment, but it may happen that the baby urgently needs medical help. Dehydration, which occurs against the background of diarrhea - the main threat to child health, and therefore it should be quickly quashed.

Causes of diarrhea in a child

A couple of hours ago, the kid was hilarious and carefree playing in the sandbox, and now he sits on a pot and convulsively presses his hands to his tummy. A familiar picture? It is not always diarrhea in a child develops gradually, it often occurs lightning-fast and often takes unawares away from home. In order to find out what caused him, one should continually remember the message of the past day - what he ate and drank the patient, where he was and how often he washed the pens.

Diarrhea in a child is divided into chronic, caused by regular irritation of the intestinal wall, and acute when the disease occurs suddenly, and even accompanied by an increase in temperature. To make sure of your guesses, it is necessary to conduct an analysis of stools, which will accurately determine what caused the digestive disorder. Do it about 5 days.

Diarrhea in a child is caused by such probable causes:

  1. An infection when diarrhea occurs due to rotavirus (viral diarrhea). Causes in children profuse dehydration, as well as dysentery and salmonellosis.
  2. The effect of toxins on the body - this happens when poisoning with dangerous chemicals or as a result of uremia (kidney failure).
  3. Dyspepsia is a lack of enzymes necessary for the proper digestion of food.
  4. The use of medications (often antibacterial therapy) - diarrhea in a child after antibiotics is very common.
  5. Violations of psychosomatics (neurogenic diarrhea or "bear illness"). In this case, any strong excitement causes a spasm of the intestine and urge in the toilet.

Sometimes diarrhea in a child is not just water colored with calves. The contents of the intestine can have different inclusions of mucus, blood, lumps, and this already frightens the parents. It will take vigilance to prevent the deterioration of the health of a small patient. Mom and Dad can not independently distinguish the E. coli from dysentery, and then the baby will need qualified help.

Diarrhea with blood in a child

The appearance of bloody inclusions in liquid feces is always alarming. Parents ask themselves why the child has diarrhea with blood at such a young age, when it would seem that this can not happen. It is caused by various causes that cause irritation and inflammation of the large intestine:

Different causes of diarrhea in the child give a different type of bowel movement. They can have blood strands, blood clots, or even a jelly-like reddish-crimson mucus, which is mainly observed in infectious diseases. Anyway, if the baby showed such problems, he needs an urgent diagnosis, because often bloody inclusions are a signal of a serious disease.

Diarrhea with mucus in the child

Often during a disorder, slime can be noticed. It has the appearance of flakes or clots - it all depends on the cause of the disease. Not always mucous impregnations are transparent, often they have bloody veins, and then there is already talk about mucus-bloody diarrhea. Liquid feces with mucus may result from infection, or be non-infectious.

When a child has diarrhea with blood and mucus, he needs the help of doctors in a hospital environment, since in this case very rapid dehydration occurs, which can only be removed with the help of droppers. Mucous stool causes painful spasms in the intestines, and the baby feels very bad. Based on the bacteriosia of the intestinal contents, appropriate treatment is prescribed. It is not always antibiotics, sometimes there are enough changes in the diet.

Provoke diarrhea with blood can:

Green diarrhea in a child

The color of the feces tells the experienced doctor a lot, but the bug-only confirms this. Diarrhea of ​​a green color in a child is a common phenomenon, requiring qualitative treatment, sometimes on a hospital bed. It is especially dangerous in children until the year when dehydration develops very quickly. If the baby has a festering fontanel, the skin has lost elasticity, it is apathetic, then an immediate appeal to the medical staff is required. Cause green feces:

Diarrhea with foam in the child

Like any other disorder of the stool in a child, diarrhea with foam, the causes of which are not clear, can significantly harm the baby. That is why it is important not to engage in self-medication, if there is a possibility of a full medical examination. Foamy stools are caused by:

The child has diarrhea - what to do?

So, if the child suddenly began to ache in his tummy, and he began to often run to the toilet (more than 3-6 times a day), then most likely it is about diarrhea. The task of parents to begin treatment of diarrhea in children as early as possible, so as not to hold out to dangerous dehydration. Cope with the disease at home can be, if not to lose valuable time and begin therapy in the first day. It is necessary to pass an analysis to find out the cause, and in the meantime, all the strength to throw on the elimination of dehydration.

What to feed a child with diarrhea?

In addition to drug therapy, which the doctor prescribes, no less significant moment is proper nutrition during the recovery period. In addition, parents should know what to do with a child with diarrhea, so as not to provoke an increase in diarrhea, because beverages can also be curative or harmful in this context. In the early days, the child should make up for the loss of liquid with a decoction of raisins or rice without sugar, jelly and boiled water, but juices are prohibited.

Some babies do not feel well with diarrhea and refuse to eat, while others ask to eat, as well as always. It is important to strictly follow the prescriptions of the doctor and give only approved foods cooked either steamed or boiled. Categorically prohibited all fried, hot and provoking fermentation. Food should be given in small portions, but often. In the early days of the disease you can offer:

After 5-7 days, a small patient is supposed to expand the menu:

How to treat diarrhea in a child?

To cure indigestion, different methods are used, more often their complex. Parents should apply to doctors who know how to cure diarrhea in a child. Without a prescription, only folk medicine can be used, but only for children over the age of the year, they can harm kids. Eliminate diarrhea followed by medications, medicines, a strict diet.

How to stop diarrhea in a child?

As soon as my mother discovered signs of diarrhea (frequent visits to the toilet), one should resort to such a sequence of actions:

Sometimes you can hear about the appointment of Levomycetin - for children with diarrhea in a hospital it is injected by intramuscular injection, but when parents do not know what to give a child from diarrhea, then resorting to it is unsafe. After all, not always the culprits of the disorder of the stool are pathogenic microorganisms, with which the drug fights. In the case of dysbiosis or lactase intolerance, the remedy will simply be ineffective and further exacerbate the condition.

Diarrhea medicine for children

Now there is a wide range of drugs against diarrhea, but only the doctor can prescribe the right remedy for diarrhea for children, which will help in a short time and do not harm the child's body. To kids appoint such medicines:

Folk remedies for diarrhea in children

In addition to medicines prescribe to children and folk remedies, which can be used independently. With severe diarrhea - more often 6 times a day with noticeable dehydration and temperature, such treatment should be supplemented with antibiotics, and with mild disorders due to unconventional methods it is possible to cure the crumb yourself. What is worth only the famous rice decoction for diarrhea in a child, which has been used for more than a decade. This agent envelops the intestinal mucosa and neutralizes the inflammation in it. Very popular:

  1. Chicken dried stomachs.
  2. Pellet cakes.
  3. Cherry berries and blueberries.
  4. The root of the herb is a bloodbath.
  5. Infusion of walnut partitions.
  6. Starch or kisel from it.
  7. Compote of dried pears.